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Offline danny_01

https://www.adultwork.com/2905325 or https://www.adultwork.com/Monika+Masseuse

Location: Maisonette in a residential street in East Finchley. Comfortable enough

Cost: 1hr £80

Comms: Maid picked up and I arranged a time easily. Called when I arrived and was given the door number.

I saw her a few weeks ago and her profile and pictures are pretty much spot on. Her English wasn't great but I managed to explain to her with some sign language that I wanted a happy beginning as well as a happy ending. Once she twigged she was fine about it and did the job. It's quite rare for me to pop twice in an hour so I was quite pleased. I did ask at the start if she did b2b but she said no, but she was fine about me copping a feel during the massage.

The massage was ok but not great and I would recommend 30 mins instead of an hour. I was offered a shower at the end which I declined.

In summary a nice, vanilla massage but won't be going back.

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