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Author Topic: HOTASIANCANDYSWEET9 Slough- Good again,  (Read 1947 times)

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Offline Turtle1

Saw her last week, iv seen this girl 4 times now over the years, first 2 meetings where really good and and 3rd was shit ( plus she upped her price )

Well last week i happened to see her in Slough station and i sent vibes down to my manhood, that night i found her profile and made the booking via phone for next day.

She's older than her profile though clearly in her 30's but still pretty. Shes chubbier than she looks too. You think she was pettie from her pic. No way is she fat or anthing.

Nice flat on the outskirts of Slough. Half hour punt at £60. Turned up clean so went strait into it. On with the Rubber and bent her over without even taking off our clothes. I thrsuted deep and hard. Gave her an absulute pounding and i knew her moans where not fake. I was going harder and harder and thought shed tell me to stop but she didnt  :dance: after a few more min i was exhausted. Her pussy took like a 8min pounding at full thrust. I didnt want to cum so pulled out and lay on the bed pulled off the Rubber and asked for a BJ, she didnt say no  :yahoo:. 69 with her wet and dripping pussy in my mouth, i gave her a lil warning and she tossed me all over her big titties. 15-20min mark

Then asked for a massge and she did so sitting on my back and gave a very nice massage. i could feel her wet pussylip on my back  :rolleyes: we talked and she was saying i was a bit rough and not soo hard next time. massage was nice and we went well over 30min. will be going back in a few weeks.

Overall a very nice visit. This girl has shown attitude in the past when she got very very popular. She seems to of clamed down a little and offer good service again. Also like to note that she knows how to fuck, she likes crazy posotions.

2 review(s) found for HOTASIANCANDYSWEET9 linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Turtle1

Sorry i forgot to add the link, Yes its her

I saw her a year back and she's quite hot. But I found her behaviour somewhat erratic and a little crazy. Glad she's on form and might make a return visit when she's local again. 

Do you happen to know her old number if you had it still ? Or do you know whether she is still working somewhere or has she gone back to Thailand?  Any information about her would be very much appreciated.
Thank you

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