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Author Topic: Local lady within 5 miles of Wembley/Watford/harrow  (Read 519 times)

Offline Tonypatel1966

Hello people,

I'm looking for a local lady within 5 miles of Wembley/Watford/Harrow that offers rimming (giving).

Can anyone recommend ?

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Offline johnnyboy61

There must be loads within this area. Do an AW search making sure that you tick "rimming (giving)" on the enjoys list on the first page of the search engine.  Pick one you like the look of, phone up to check they actually offer the service that you want, search back on here for any reviews and if there are none start another thread asking for advice on a specific WG (or WGs).  A quick search on AW using just Harrow as the location throws up a list of 22 WGs offering rimming.  Not checked how many of them are Romanian though, so be very careful to ensure that they actually offer the service and that their pimp hasn't just ticked everything on the "enjoys" list regardless of whether she is prepared to offer it in the room.
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