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Author Topic: @@ SOPHIE MASSAGE @@  (Read 1531 times)

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Comms at first appeared to be ok, although I couldn't understand her accent on the phone.

The place is next to a Porsche garage inside a block of flats. I called when I got outside as agreed and a girl came down to let me through the gate. She led me up the stairs and into the flat. A girl came into the bedroom to meet me who clearly wasn't Sophie. At that point, my phone rung with Sophie calling me?!? I was clearly confused and I should have then answered the call and left but to be honest I was a bit shocked and didn't know what was going on.

The phone rung off and I gave this other girl £70 as she was quite good looking to be fair had a cracking body so thought I'd just get on with the job. The £70 in my head was for the same service with this girl as I had agreed with Sophie us limited cum for 60mins. (Pretty stupid of me I know but was my first punt so clearly learned a lot!!)

She put a Jonny on and sucked me for about 30 seconds and once I started to touch her tits she shoved it inside her and fucked me that hard she obviously wanted it over very quickly. It was a pathetic and very unenjoyable experience and I hope none of you go and give these robbing bastards any money. Once I got outside 15mins later Sophie called me to go back in?? I couldn't understand who I spoke to on the phone initially, who let me in, who I fucked, and who called me when I was with this girl. Very strange.

I take some responsibility of course and next time will be more communicative about what is what beforehand. Just be careful on this one folks you are very likely to be conned.

surely a Negative, also the link is missing


Let me get this right - You went into a room and paid a girl £70 to give you a OW quick BJ and then you left, After a call came to ask you where you are with the original girl you had booked but was not the girl who gave you OW?

Is this correct - You gave cash and had a OW with the wrong girl?

AND you bave the girl that you did not see a POSITIVE?   

Offline Clipit

seriously? Is this for real or is this a wind up?

2 review(s) found for @@ SOPHIE MASSAGE @@ linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline closeshave

Call from the girl you booked. Ignored it twice. Wtf

how about at least texting her, to clear matters up.  Decency both sides

And that's a negative any day of the week. Not sure if OP is all there
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