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Offline Alexmann



Since no one has actually reviewed an actual meet with her I had my reservations as to whether to meet with her- she was everything I wanted from her pictures, slim, blonde etc but with apparent bad comms, and being a relative newbie newbie myself I was unsure, but decided to set up a meet.

I found her to be ok with communicating, trying to find a date that worked for us both was hard, she doesn't work that much, and was either studying or busy with friends I managed to arrange a 1 hour outcall- 170 which is high for the Bournemouth area, but there are no others with her look who would agree to visit me, as I have no feedback on the aw system.

She was 15 mins late, but she did call me to say she was on her way, so I half expected a no show. She did however arrive, as I requested wearing skinny jeans and flats because I didn't really want a show for the neighbours.

I would say it is her in the pictures- very slim and short. She is pretty,wasn't wearing loads of makeup, and a very smiley face. She apologised for her lateness, and didn't ask for money up front, and then changed into a short black dress as I had requested.

Services were all readily available, she French kisses a lot, allowed me to cum more than once, and was friendly throughout. She left about an hour an ten mins after she arrived, and I did say that I would contact her again for another meet, although I'm not sure if I will try someone else first. She's  a nice enough girl- the actual meeting was fine, it's just the worry as to whether she will turn up which I guess serves as a worry. In my experience, I had no complaints, although she does seem very busy. If you can meet her, then I would recommend her, although she did ask my age and a couple of other questions before, so if you want to be as discreet as possible then maybe not for you.

I've given her a positive because I did have fun with her, and she tried her best to please me. She didn't chat for long at the beginning so I felt like I got my money's worth. If you like young skinny blondes then I would say give her a go.
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Offline Andyply

Cheers for he info, added to my HL. I'm partial to blondes with legs that look good in stockings.  May I ask if she offered you owo as this is a must for me. Also was cim and RO available to you if required?
My blond escort of choice is https://www.adultwork.com/2673722.

Genuinely lovely and friendly, a proper professional escort.  As well as being blonde, leggy and attractive she is so very easy to get on with, meticulous punctual but leaves on time too, no messing. I left a review about her on ukadultzone when she was lulu.  10/10.  :thumbsup: Only offers out calls so will be a hotel for me but at 120ph is good value. Her legs go on forever........... :kissgirl:
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Offline Alexmann

OWO was given without me even having to ask, she just got straight down to it, and I requested cim which she agreed to but I didn't get to in the end (my choice) I came in her (protected of course) and then on her tits. She says she loves RO and she seemed to, whether it was an act I don't know, but I'm pretty sure she liked it. She had asked whether she Should bring stockings but they aren't my thing- I prefer bare legs. She is is short but has very slim long legs- much longer than her body, so you sort of get the feeling of being with a very leggy girl!

I have a massive thing for blondes though so will take a look at your recommendation, ta
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Sounds like one for the list for me.  Glad you had fun !

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