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Author Topic: VLondon Escorts  (Read 482 times)

Avoid this shit agency at any cost, especially a bitch called Victoriah. First of all, it's not her on the pictures. Second, she turned out late one hour. Third-you can barely touch her. Fourth-she was tired and after I came my first time (30 minutes) she got dressed. I asked her what was the deal as I paid for one hour, she said it's the rule, and she could stay and talk but only one cum. No thanks, there is nothing in the world I can think I want less than hearing about your fucked up miserable life, you don't even enjoy what you do.Honestly, I am a fit and good looking guy, have no problem pulling and fkeeping a honey wer and fucking woman all night, this bitch was just plain lazy.

Fuck this agency and (don't) fuck this Victoriah!

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