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Author Topic: Naughty Eva - Harrow Weald  (Read 2022 times)

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Offline Raptorous

So I decided after looking at some of the information / reviews from Steve2, The Don, SamLP, etc, to give Eva a go, so booked her last night via adultwork.

Eva is a very smiley and chatty girl.  Comms was very good and she was very responsive to messages.  Communication was via adultwork email initially and then I called her and text to confirm upon arrival.

Her English is pretty good and she was very happy talking and chatting for a while.  She is quite tall (5'9 I'd say) which is great as I am 6'3.  I liked the tats, which pretty much all had meanings.  Nice body, all natural, but if you are a breast man than she is probably not for you.  If you are a bum man, then she has a cute little bum which she really enjoys being spanked.

Eva gave a good BJ, with lots of ball licking and tongue action but surprisingly did not pull back my foreskin and give me a "proper BJ." and trust me I am VERY clean, which she even said herself.....  I was waiting in anticipation and didn't say anything, as I kept thinking.... any minute now....

Anyway sex is quite a few positions, starting off with cowgirl and ending in miss.  I must say Eva is very good at riding and really get's into it.  She must have rode me for circa 20 mins!!!!  When I spanked her as she was riding I could she she really enjoyed it as she upped the pace somewhat.

Overall I would recommend Eva as she is very passionate and energetic and vey good VFM.



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15 review(s) found for xx Naughty Eva xx linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline riker

Her owo is awesome, maybe the best i have ever had. She enjoys spanking you if you are into that (i'm not ).

15 review(s) found for xx Naughty Eva xx linked to in above post (15 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Online Steve2

Good review R. Pretty much sums Eva up perfectly


Offline doobes

Her owo is awesome, maybe the best i have ever had.

She did this thing where she firmly rolled her tongue around the head of my penis which was new and interesting.  :yahoo: Sounds like Raptorous was denied this experience though, which is a shame.

Offline Raptorous

Hi Doobs,

She done that with me too.... and that was fantastic!!!!

It was at that moment I was expecting her to push my foreskin back and give me a "proper BJ"

But overall very good and I will be visiting again.

She scratched my back a little (something I enjoy) and also said she will let me know when her nails get longer so she can scratch me properly... :)

The only problem with her room in her new shared flat is lack of privacy from her neighbours.
The noises emanating from her next room neighbour was very off putting to say the least.
At one stage during my last encounter,  someone actually knocked on her door whilst we were in full locomotion  :scare:
I thought someone was about to enter the room and my dongle went from hard to soft in milliseconds.
Until she said something towards the door and all went away afterwards and normal service was restored.
We apologise for the inconvenience it may have caused. This was due to circumstances beyond our control.  :unknown:

Offline johnnyboy61

Talking of a knock on the door I think that I recounted my tale of the window cleaner at her window during my first punt there.  Certainly didn't do much for the moment even though it turned out not to be a bloke on a ladder but a brush on an extended pole.  I think I was probably the first to visit her at this new place and she wasn't very happy at all with the room and the flat.  She had made a few homely improvements by my second visit and had moved the bed, but I agree that the mattress is rubbish. I think she probably intends to find a new place when she comes back from her next visit back home.
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Offline SamLP

Good review. She's a consistently good SP. Glad you enjoyed  :thumbsup:

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