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I have had my eye on Emily for a couple of years and even called her a couple of times to arrange a meet. Two issues put me off a little. She doesn't specify owo in her profile and her proximity to where I used to live. One was sorted with a house move and, feeling horny one particular day, the other suddenly didn't seem so important.

Rang the number on the profile and a bright and breezy Emily confirmed she was available. Lovely old job. Arranged a time and off I jolly well toddled. On street parking on a busy rat run towards the north of the inner ring road. Emily lives in an apartment over looking the river. Nice place. She opened the door dressed in that lacy number she's modelling on the front page of her aw profile complete with thong & stockings. Tidy.

I would say 37 is, there or thereabouts give or take, being generous, only a few years out. Figure wise, definitely hour glass. Lovely big tits, round ass and otherwise fairly trim. Her facial features can safely be described as feline. One thing, her teeth are stained with the effects of self confessed over exuberance of red wine & cigarettes. Nice girl though. Chatty but not in a time wasting way, friendly but not in your face, all in all very professional.

Money handed over - £70 for 30 minutes - and immediately she said "let's get naked & filthy". I liked that. And filthy she was. On her knees in front of me beside a full length mirror alternately looking at me and herself in the mirror with my now rock hard cock down her throat. I needn't have been concerned about no owo on her profile. She just got right on with the job. Onto the bed to give her some of the smooth Welsh tongue magic which she seemed to enjoy. Lots of licking, sucking, fingering and pussy pumping had her arching off the bed grinding her fanny into my face. Nice. She then said she wanted to suck my cock again before she had it in her cunt. Her words not mine. More deep throat cock sucking as I knelt over her whilst I finger fucked her harder and harder - at her request - in between her using her vibrator.

On with the condom, onto her back and in we go. Nipple pulling, tit squeezing, holding legs wide apart, clit stroking, fingering, all in all a good time. Reaching the point of no return, I chanced my arm and asked if I could come in her mouth. After a second's hesitation she agreed and off with the condom and deep throat until I shot my load down her throat. Nice ending to a very satisfying punt.

After a little break, got dressed while Emily and I chatted for a while. Suitably attired, she walked me to the door, kissed me on the cheek and wished me a speedy return and safe journey. It was 35 minutes from start to finish. Perfect.

Emily is the consummate punting professional. Her profile, if anything, is a little understated but that means she over delivers rather than disappoints. She leads the meeting without giving the impression she's rushing you. She delivers her services enthusiastically and to a very naughty standard. I am surprised she isn't more widely reviewed on here.
In conversation she told me she organises parties in the Midlands and shares her time between there & Norwich. I also get the impression she offers unadvertised services - in this case, owo, cim & swallow, on an ad hoc basis. 

Would I return? Definitely. Would I recommend? Definitely.
In my opinion one of the better punts in the Fine City of Norwich.

www.adultwork.com/1017440 or https://www.adultwork.com/xxx%2DEmily%2Dxxx

1 review(s) found for xxx-Emily-xxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline socks

Nice work Walesy. I made a tentative enquiry of her once and can't remember why it didn't happen. Having read your report I'm even more mystified!! Back on the HL and hopefully will fuck her soon  :drinks:

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