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Author Topic: SuperGirlSandra Adultwork #1979025. Cambridge  (Read 1000 times)

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Offline Magellan

Genuine profile
SuperGirlSandra https://www.adultwork.com/1979025 or https://www.adultwork.com/SuperGirlSandra

Fake aliases
SEXY XXX KITTY https://www.adultwork.com/2587281 or https://www.adultwork.com/SEXY+XXX+KITTY
Porn_Star_Erika http://www.ukadultzone.com/FemaleEscort/Cambridge/Porn_Star_Erika/34399.html
Anya http://cambridge.backpage.com/FemaleEscorts/hot-real-dream/11209866

I met the girl in the pics of the profile ‘SuperGirlSandra’. It was a decent punt. It cost me £130 for 1 hour of sexual time as per her advertised rates but as we clicked well the meeting overrun by a significant time in a conversation that started near the end of the paid sexual time when I was dressing to leave. Overall a good unrushed service with the bonus of some off-the clock platonic time at the end.

Multiple profiles?
I may explain in detail in a subsequent post what is going on with the other profiles but if you are lazy the current situation is simple. Sandra is an independent girl working alone and possessing multiple profiles. One genuine profile (#1979025) and several fake aliases. If you book the girl of the fake aliases you will be switched to the real Sandra who is the subject of this review. There are no other girls. Let’s say it one more time to make it even clearer. There is only one person behind all these profiles and phone numbers. And this person is the one depicted in the pictures of this profile https://www.adultwork.com/1979025 and the one for which this review is about.

Please note that during an 8-9 month period in 2014 there was a second girl behind this profile apart from Sandra. It is for this other girl that this previous review was about. At least so she claims. She did tell me many lies during our conversation but I believe that this piece of information is true. Anyway it doesn't matter. People can improve after all.

Location --- 7/10
+ Good location near a big shopping centre in Central Cambridge. Once outside a shop you will need slight guidance over the phone but it is relatively easy to find.
+ Private and comfortable flat. One bedroom private flat with living room/kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.  All rooms relatively comfortable. I spent time in all of them.
+ Good bed.
Flat is clean but it could be a bit more tidy.
Not allowed to speak loudly due to poor sound proofing.
x With the curtains closed and the main lamp switched off the bedroom was dark. There was one blue non-bright bedside lamp and candles. Anyway sensual I guess. She refused to turn on the main light ‘due to neighbours’. The living room/kitchen was spacious and bright (lights on). We spend half of the time in the living room and had sex on the sofa (my request).

Side note  She will likely leave this place and begin working from Cambridge hotels when her contract for this flat expires in August 2015.

Physical --- Looks: 7/10, Body: 7.5/10
+ She is in her late 20s or very early 30s so the age stated on her profile as 28 years old is plausible. Maximum estimate would be 31-32. More likely 29-30 but it could well be 28 after all. Anyway you got the point.
+ Pics displayed on the ‘SuperGirlSandra’ profile are 100% genuine. The most accurate body shot is this
+ The pictures are faceless but she is good looking. I give her 7-7.5/10. I am sure others might give higher scores. She says she worked in Italy for several years as a photomodel before coming to the UK where she started escorting in mid 2012.
+ Stats are correct. Height is around 5 feet 6 inches and with the heels she was wearing she was about 5 feet 9-10. Slim body size 8-10. Nice firm cup 34C (not 38C).
+ Great view from behind. She has very good arse
+ She takes good care of her body. Waxed/shaved legs, professionally done nails and hair. I can’t recall any tattoo.
I wouldn't rate her appearance higher than £130 per hour. This is the highest she can charge without being considered overpriced. 

Experience --- 8/10
+ Good sensual French kissing throughout the entire session. A lot of tongue so no complaints.
+ No clockwatching and no timewasting tactics. Time started counting after payment was made and pretty much from my paid one hour the 55 minutes were sexual. Also at the end while I dressed I had a conversation with her which overrun the normal ending time by a significant margin. I can't deny that I appreciated the extra platonic time but I wouldn't go there expecting extra platonic time if I were you. For you this incident only shows she is not clockwatching or ushering to the door and you will get your full paid time which is always good. But for me this will play a role in the future when deciding a return visit over visiting a new girl.
+ No back to back bookings.
+ Unrushed sex. Many positions. She can take a good hammering.
+ Decent OWO.
+ I finished with CIM.
+ Fingering was permitted.
+ I didn’t pay any extras. That said OWO/CIM are at her discretion and sometimes they are charged £20 extra (together I think; not separately).
+ She was freshly showered, very clean with proper light make up and nicely perfumed.
+ Polite
+ Speaks good English. She is Romanian by the way.
+ Offered a drink
Personality is good and pleasant but not what I would call bubbly or cheerful which I know is what most punters including myself are after. Of course interaction depends on your own social skills as well. Together we clicked or it appeared so, evident by the overrun at least.
No facials (not advertised anyway)
x The drink was offered in a small plastic cup.

Final words
I investigated the incall punting options in Cambridge and this girl is actually one of the very few who are decent. Not brilliant but decent enough and worth a visit. It is important to mention that there are no brilliant punting options in Cambridge except from actual punting in the river! The other options are 5 pimped premises with touring girls (I referred to the 4 of them in my 4 previous reviews), some old or average looking prostitutes who don't justify their rates and the odd touring independent girl working from a hotel. The only potential sunshine is the last but good luck with this as most are shit. There are also 3 outcall agencies as well which I am planning to explore more in the future. Anyway this is Sandra’s review and not about punting in the desert of Cambridge. And the conclusion is that I can recommend Sandra and that I will revisit her.
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4 review(s) found for SuperGirlSandra linked to in above post (2 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)
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