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Author Topic: Anyone Remember Temptations in Uxbridge, years ago  (Read 663 times)

Offline Turtle1

This is a long shot. Anyone out there Remember Temptaions in Uxbridge many years ago. Maybe 4/5 years ago. It was class. Always had  stunners Who where Mainly English. Those that can remember will know im not BS ing. I used to visit frequent when ever i was in the Area and i happened to come across the best Indian punt of my life in there. I cant even remember her name  :angry: I can remeber she drove a white Convertable ( big fake boobs ). There was a few indians that worked there. One was a girl called Tanya and a mixed race girl called Roxy.  If id of known how dry things would turn out in years to come id of taken full advantage back then. I nkow tanya moved to Reading then was back in Uxbridge on her own a few years back.

Any punters out there who had the delights of these ladies...

 Anyways im dying for an Indian as its been a while and sick and tired of the shit on AW, Id usually try to hookup with one on a night out but not being single makes this hard and leaves too many loose ends that can be traced  :scare:

Offline steventft

Yes I remember. I went there once and saw a stunning English blonde. I wanted to go back but they moved and then closed down.

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