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Author Topic: Sweet Carla x  (Read 1586 times)

25 review(s) for Sweet Carla x (15 positive, 8 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline ShyWolf

Just got back from seeing Carla at the Hungarian cum factory.
First time going to Carla and she looks exactly like her photos. Booked her for 30 min.
It was a bit rushed as I assume she had another punter straight after me.

Walked through the door and shoes off, sorted the paperwork then she told me to shower.
She came in wearing just bra and panties. started kissing; seems that all Hungarians don't like kissing on the lips.
Went on to a Blowjob which was OK, not as sloppy or rough as I would like.
Onto missionary then changed to Doggy and she has a nice ass I think slightly better than Jessica 23, tits I would say slightly worse but still perky.
Finished with another blowjob and cum with only a minute to spare

So Overall good service just wish she was a bit rougher. Even asked her to squeeze my balls while in Doggy and she only grazed them.
But her pussy did feel good and wet


25 review(s) found for Sweet Carla x linked to in above post (15 positive, 8 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline HughJardon

My first punt with her reminded me of Aletta Ocean,  yeah there both hungarian, but its all in the eyes with her. A few years back when Daphne Carla and Sophie were part of that posse they always had different girls every other month..Eva , vicky sandra, they all came with no experience of rinsing brits so it was GFE all day long. Good F.R sdubb

Offline SirFrank

I'd describe me experience with the Hungarian crew as pleasant. Shoes off at the door and then down to bizzo. Daphne was always my favourite though. But a little too vanilla for my discerning palette.
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Offline HughJardon

Havent long got back from a smashing willy pulling with Carla. She again wore her bins (her spectacles) i said to her in my best hungarish accent " why you wear the glass" and she replied " I want" theres zero arguing with that logic.
Now to get her mingue juice off my pecker..she still smells as fresh as day 1  :thumbsup:

Offline ShyWolf

She didn't wear her glasses with me funny-enough.

Offline HughJardon

She didn't wear her glasses with me funny-enough.

Done it with me on 3 occasions now, either shes taking the piss or she feels comfortable with me, but I have got my own pair of slippers by the front door, there black with orange tingue and have the words "Kung Fu Bastard" on em which coincidentally I wanted as my UKP username

Offline aardvark

She didn't wear her glasses with me funny-enough.
Hannah always wears glasses when I see her - I am certainly not that poorly endowed, so maybe she wears them to keep my load out of her eyes when I glaze her face?

Perhaps you don't shoot far enough for them to be required SW? :hi:

Offline ShyWolf

It was probably because it was my first time with her and I didn't pay extra for facial.

She was telling me to slow down a lot when I wasn't even going that fast as if I went any slower we would of been making love not fucking. I am thicker than most people but not that much.

But her arse was amazing with her lying flat on her stomache and just bouncing up and down on her arse like a spring.

Seen Carla for the first time few months back. Very pleasant punt. Good comm's. Good service provided. Light kissing. OWO with the warning of "no cum in the mouth". She let me stroke her pussy but no fingers allowed inside. Finished with her on top grinding away. She offered massage which was okay. Her tits little bigger than Jessica's, but Jessica's arse is more shaped in my opinion. Oh and no glasses on my visit.

She did say that she was thinking about retiring in a years time.

Would probably go back and see her. But may give the other girl's a try, Nicky and Hannah. Jessica I've seen twice (she's my type, petite, blonde)
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