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Author Topic: Hotel recommendations  (Read 293 times)

Offline steveinbox

Hi there,

I am trying to arrange an outcall in Barnsley soon and wondered if you had any recommendations for hotels.  In particular, can you deal in cash only or do you have to give ID, plus what is access like and do you have any issues with checking out an hour or two later?

Generically, are certain hotel chains better for this kind of meet?

Offline gary03

i met a girl at premier inn tankersley.booked in advance gor 50.00
you can check in at 2pm.they take your payment on check in.
girl arrived 2.30 & as pre arranged met her outside & escorted her to my room
after 1.5 hr meet she left & i followed 10 mins later.told reception family prob & had to leave.no issues at all so this would be viable location with plenty of free parking on site

Offline dashton

Not sure about cash, but the following are close to Barnsley and  discreet:

Travelodge (Woolley Services)
Campanile (Wakefield
Encore (Barnsley)

All near to M1, which suits me and busy, therefore drawn no attention and around £35-£50 per night.

I prefer to use a pre paid credit card (rather than cash) and punting email address to maintain secrecy at home. I have never been asked for ID when doing this.

I find Premier Inn nice but pricey and  a bit nosey and often need a key card to get from reception to the rooms at some points during the day. Just be aware.

Hope this helps!

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