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Author Topic: MILF - Kentish Town  (Read 970 times)

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Offline budgie smuggler

Hi All,       

When will I ever learn ? 

MILF - Kentish Town

Booking - Today - Tuesday 26/05
Time - 4.00
Location - Kentish Town Road
Time spent - 20 mins
Cost - £60

My Plan A was already booked up.
MILF was running late, but we met up at her flat at 4.30ish.  She's the woman in the photos,  but I guess they were taken a few years ago.  She's quite attractive, blonde wavy hair etc. but not as slim as in the photos. The flat is not great, but OK for purpose.

 I asked for an erotic massage, and  OWO. She agreed.
She started the massage, and after a few minutes I had decided that she didn't have a clue how to do a massage. Anyway, I let her get on with it, and after aimlessly rubbing my back, she started on my cock, from behind, and showed a bit of promise. She gave me a fair bit of cock massage, and then began giving me OWO from behind - She asked if this was OK, and it was, I was starting to enjoy myself.

Anyway, she asked if I would like sex, and I said "Yes"  What position ? I said, me on top. I guess she didn't hear, so she proceeded to lube and rubber up and get on top of me. Ah well, I thought, let's see how this goes. She bobbed up and down, for a while, I was getting too close to the edge, so I told her to stop, pulled off the condom, expecting her to finish with the BJ, but she assumed I had come, I said, "I haven't come" hoping for her to continue the BJ, She inspected my cock and said "maybe a little ?" I said, "No"  but she wiped off the little bit of pre-cum, and indicated that there was maybe just a little bit of cuddling left.

I gave up trying to get any more action. and rolled off the bed, started  to get dressed, My cock then released the cum into my underpants, as I knew it would. You can't get it all worked up, and then just drop it.

All-in-all, a very unsatisfying  punt. I don't like to cum in my pants.

I have rated this as a "Neutral" because at least she tried, and even gave me some pleasure, while wanking and BJing me, but obviously she either couldn't understand me, or couldn't hear me. She had no idea of whether I had come, Surely a pre-requisite for a sensual woman.   

In at 4.35 -  out at 4.55.  20 mins

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2624718 or https://www.adultwork.com/%5FMILF%5F
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6 review(s) found for _MILF_ linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline closeshave

she has been reviewed on here previously and from memory they were not too good

Her and her associates are all chancers...and are not remotely interested in giving a proper service...

It's a pity, i liked her look when i saw her in that famous brothel in Arsenal (gate, spiral stairs). Good looking MILF (from my POV). But it looks like her service is not good.

Offline doobes

My cock then released the cum into my underpants, as I knew it would.

This is possibly the saddest thing I think I've read on UKP in a long while. God mate, I hope your next punt is a good one.

Offline budgie smuggler

If you're being genuine, then, Thanks.

Hasn't this ever happened to you ? A few years ago, it seemed rife that WG's doing hand relief would get you to the "point of no return", and then say "Ugh" and just drop your cock, to avoid getting any cum on their hands.  It used to drive me mad. Thank God,  most of them have stopped doing this.
Banning reason: False accusations against Admin

Offline doobes

Genuine. Involuntarily cumming in your pants while seeing a WG is a sorry state of affairs. Then again, with the Ashes around the corner and if your username indicates you're Australian well put it this way, if this story was being told down the pub instead of UKP, there would be banter.

Can't say it's a situation I've ever found myself in. While I've largely given away the massage + HR sessions the girls in the past always seemed to take it in their stride.

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