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Author Topic: Is Akina Japan worth a visit?  (Read 970 times)

Offline Andyply

Akina Japan.
Bit confused, can anyone help?  :wacko:Am in London next week and am looking for a pretty Asian lady for B2B massage and oral.  Saw her profile which is incidently often "featured" on the "featured" page of AW so thought great what could possibly go wrong. :)
Gallery pics look fantastic, pretty lady, likes list not too unrealistic, nothing that I bet she doesn't do. However her verification photo (love to see more WG's have these) shows a older, rather ugly, plump looking lady with wonky teeth.  I am only asking since she has 40+ Good reviews although one bad one one here albeit about a poor communication rather than service as the gent didn't get to see her.  Have used agencies like 007, Aisha before, just wanted something of the beaten track. Is she pretty? Is this a genuine B2B massage? Is oral without or in fact any good?  Many thanks  :hi:

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Online JamesKW

I should think the verification photo is about as good as you will get.

For " kiss the whole body " service a facemask is provided....

I suppose it is possible she has taken over another Japanese friends profile. Arrange to meet with a plan b and c
You can always walk?
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Offline Andyply

Cheers guys, thought so myself, thanks for confirming. 

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