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Author Topic: xxKyraxx Southend  (Read 826 times)

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I'm afraid I'm going to give Kyra a neutral rather than a positive rating after I saw her a few weeks ago. A shame as I have seen her before in North London a few years ago and had a few great sessions with her back then.

Looks 6/10 - considering she's 52 Kyra looks good for her age. She has a great figure still and the tan suits her.

Service 4/10 - for me GFE is everything. Kyra kisses really well. However she doesn't really do OWO with any enthusiasm, more like a few licks of the shaft is her definition of OWO. CIM is definitely not on the menu despite her profile suggesting it is.

Car parking 2/5 - she works in an apartment off the high street so it's really pot luck if you can get a space for car parking, and if you visit her during the daytime you have to pay for it.

Premises 3/5 - the flat itself is nice, clean, well furnished. I'm not sure if having to enter off a busy pedestrianised area is great though.

Value for money 5/10 - I saw Kyra for 30 minutes, not cheap at £80 and certainly with the limited amount of services she gives. There are other girls who are worth £80 for 30 minutes but Kyra isn't one of them IMO.

Total 20/40 - almost bordering on a negative, afterwards I was wondering whether Kyra was as good as I thought she was when I saw her previously. Certainly she is older and perhaps her looks are starting to naturally fade now though she is still a good looking woman. But if I had to sum up her performance in one word: lacklustre.


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3 review(s) found for xxKyraxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

3 review(s) found for xxKyraxx linked to in above post (1 positive, 1 neutral, 1 negative)

Yes, that's the lady, apologies for no link in the OP.

Offline Neal69

Sorry to hear you had a poor punt Sparta.

Particularly as I had a great time with her a month or two back.

Sounds like she has moved to a more difficult working flat though.

Offline Siadwel

CIM not on the menu. Kyra off my HL.

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