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Author Topic: High class call girls-Channel 4 last night.  (Read 2483 times)

Did anyone else watch the 2 so called high class WG's documentary on C4 last night ? Adultwork should have sponsored the entire programme.
There are some bloody stupid blokes-£500/Hr ? or £2k for a 2hr non sex meet ???
I hope they declared everything to the taxman or they will be in big trouble and it clearly showed both of them working from the same flat at the same time.
IMHO they weren't even that smart, was surprised at what C4 showed mind.
Better lasses and better value up here.

£2k for a 2hr non sex meet ???

Who on earth would do that? It's so much cheaper to buy a copy of the Daily Sport and have a wank!

Watch the programme, some blokes with way too much money. Much better lasses up here than both of them last night IMHO. Dread to think how much Sarah jane would make in Mayfair.

Offline johnr1

Yes I saw it and have better looking pigs on my farm  :lol:
As you say who would pay that kind of money, thank god we
Have much better quality girls in Newcastle and the northeast  :dance:
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Online Mansell

Dipped in and out when the adverts were on a good film I was watching.

Typical London really all fake and "loads of money" as long as they stay down in the smoke they will do alright, but come up here and they wouldn't last 5 minutes compared with the great lasses we have up here.

Says he with a massive smile on his face having just returned from seeing my absolute favourite girl who had a lovely surprise for me this morning  :yahoo: :yahoo:

After watching those two last night it  just shows how lucky we are to have some of the lasses we have up here.
£500 for an hour?? FFS..they'd have to pay me.

As I said on the main forum..the programme at times resembled  " Carry on Escorting"..all that was missing was Sid James on the bed with one of the "stunners" as Hattie Jacques bursts  in brandishing a particularly nasty looking rolling pin.

I've got it recorded to watch when I have time.
What was this lovely surprise u got from your currently unnamed favourite this morning?

Online Mansell

What was this lovely surprise u got from your currently unnamed favourite this morning?

Sorry, keeping that to myself, I mentioned it to show the difference between the girls in the show and the great girls we have up here.

I watched it last night on catch up, wasn't impressed in the slightest with either of them. They looked tidy when they were younger but now... yack. "High Class", I think not.

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Offline Johny Stone

Just noticed Cookie uploaded those miserable TV shots on her profile  and she's up to 600 ph :lol:
She looks like a fat cow in them.

They look much better on their AW profiles... and their tits. Not to offend those who like false tits but, FFS, they were enough to put me off alone regardless of anything else. Fake tits, to me, is as bad as knowing they once had a cock and now don't.

... is as bad as fancying what you think is a woman then being told that was once a man, is what I meant, lol

iv already sed on another thread they look like pete burns! shaggable but not for that amount darling!

Offline greychap


Does these girls make you appreciate how much cheaper it is up Newcastle way and you get a lot for your money in the sex market up here!
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