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Author Topic: boobies  (Read 416 times)

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met for a quickie, never go full hog unless tried and tested in a 15 booking 1st.
or this site gives me heads up..
met about a month ago, in a nice rd in wolvo, entered the house into living/bedroom
baby crying in the background also male voices but no problems.

its the girl in the photos but she was looking dog rough, no slap or nothing.
was struggling to work out if it was her or not, confirmed when i looked when i got home.
but decent body and if you like big firm veiny  boobies then shes the one.
was quite impressed with the firmness
now undressed and on the bed she gave me ow, it was ok then sex time,
in miss position with legs up but the whole time she was pushing me away so you couldn't get in fully, its not like i'm tooled up
but the whole time she did this. sack of spuds
oh well shot my load and departed, think it was those boobs that made me squirt. :coolgirl:

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