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Author Topic: wet ginger  (Read 915 times)

No link as am on my phone but does anyone have any recent comments on wet ginger?

She has been on my hl for ages and used to be regularly reviewed and did duos with site "darling" hot ameera

Since the turn of the year there have been a couple of negatives on here then nothing,are we assuming she has lost it and one to now swerve?

Offline Rufus_T

Good timing - I saw her a week ago for the first time, and really enjoyed myself.

Like others have said, she did text me last minute to push the start time back by 25 minutes, but I was expecting it after what I'd read about her, so I wasn't too peeved. I thought she was a really lovely girl: her services list was all available, she was enthusiastic about sex and she tried really hard to please (if anything, at times she seemed kind of anxious about whether I was having a good time, and I was trying to reassure her that I was and get her to relax). She didn't seem to mind that we overran significantly, which might be why she seems to be a bit unreliable at starting her bookings on time.

Hadn't planned on writing a review up for this - I might do if I can find the time and energy.

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