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Author Topic: Byrony - Amour  (Read 829 times)

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Offline Stevens88


I got some spare time on Sunday morning so decided to book Byrony for a 1 hour appointment

I had a mare by parking over a mile away at the local supermarket as there's no parking outside her address so I was around 10 mins late but she was fine.

The location is a really 'nice' street in Willington Quay which doesn't have much privacy but not the worst location I've ever been.

The flat is really nice and she clearly lives there - it was clean and well presented.

I prefer to chat to girls before we get underway to calm the nerves and Byrony is the perfect girl for this. She's a lovely girl and very very open. We had a good chat and she made me feel totally at ease.

Echoing another thread she was talking about her hangover and how hungry she was ... but it didn't bother me as the actual services delivered were so good - it didn't have an impact. Plus she's so honest that basically I'd back her to tell you how she was feeling whatever her mood or however she felt.

She delivered some expert OWO which was exceptional. She is attractive with a brilliant body - very slim and great tits.

A good appointment - I'm looking forward to going back. One of the most 'genuine' girls I've ever had an appointment with.

Offline themademan2

Could u smell the drink on her too??
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Im pleased your punt went better than mine. I agree the house is very nice if not very discreet with the houses very close right opposite. I'm a bit surprised at your parking issues. Plenty of on street parking across the road near the shop about 20 seconds walk away.

Offline Stevens88

Nah I couldn't smell drink but she said she was paranoid about smelling of drink and I think she was making an effort using mouthwash etc as she went to the toilet a couple of times

I'm just an idiot over the parking. I only have a company car so paranoid about getting done over parking tickets etc if I don't know an area but the distance was excessive.

Offline AnthG

I think she was making an effort using mouthwash etc as she went to the toilet a couple of times

If she went to the toilet twice in a one hour booking. It suggests of timewasting tactics to me?

Offline Toshiba

theres loads of parking in willington quay  :dash:


Offline Stevens88

Not sure how it's strange mate - I've never been before - looked on Google maps for the closest supermarket for reasons mentioned above ..found Aldi. Took me 9 mins to walk to the door. Stupid on my part...not strange. Poor planning.

Maybe it was time wasting or maybe she was that hungover it was necessary...not ideal either way like but it didn't bother me.

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