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Author Topic: Rhiannon - Art in Sensual Touch - West Bromwich  (Read 5780 times)

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Offline A.Chou85


Booked in with Rhiannon for a Nuru Gel Massage - £100

Apartment is located on a main road near the Bus stop however once you enter through the doors it's very discreet. Her room is located on the top floor through few flights of stairs.

Met lovely Rhiannon. She is a nice short mixed race curvy woman with Big boobs and a Huge arse. Told me to get undressed and jump onto the Mattress to begin the massage.

Starts on your back by pouring very warm nuru oil and rubbing with lovely techniques to allow the body to get ready for the Gel. Then she pours loads of nuru gel over my legs and back and started massaging me with her boobs. A Very nice sensual massage with loads of effort and movement and her lovely boobs and arse were gliding all over my back. Then she started to grind her pussy against my back vigorously.

Then she turns you over for the best part of the massage. Again same process as before she jumps on top of me in many different positions rubbing her boobs and arse all over my front area. She starts to rub her pussy again vigorously against my cock and at this time my hands were all over her. I took this opportunity to rub her pussy and arsehole which she didn't mind either. By this time i was pumped up and ready to blow my load but told her to stop on two occasions as i wanted to cum at then end.

I then asked her if i could jump on top for five minutes and she allowed me to massage her back. And now it was me gliding all over her. I gave her a good pussy rub for five minutes which she loved. Then finally i told her to finish me off so she turned me over and gave a nice slow HJ and i blew my load. Amazing Experience!!

She cleaned me up i showered quickly had a drink and was off. Money well spent!!

Positives - She takes her time and massages with passion. She also allows full body touching and also pussy rubbing. I'm sure she will allow you to finger as well but i didn't try. Loads of B2B contact and she puts a lot of effort into the massage so it's well worth it. I will be visiting again soon after this experience

Offline Zeusthedoc

do you know if she offers prostate massage as part of her various different tantric offerings?

Offline A.Chou85

Not sure mate, phone and ask she seems very friendly so might just do it for you if you request.

what age group would you place her in?

What dress size, would you say she is?
DI'd you get the impression, that she might offer a full service, or blow job, too?

pity the web site doesnt have pictures

Offline Stapler

pity the web site doesnt have pictures

If they were stunners - they would! Think on!

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