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Author Topic: Drivers  (Read 858 times)

Offline Granty

My current situation lends itself better to outcalls at the minute, and the ones I've had so far have involved the girls driving themselves.

But what is the situation like if they have a driver? Is he waiting at the doorstep with them? Or does he drop them off and heads away somewhere to return an hour later or whenever it is? Discretion is one thing, but I also don't like the thought of him hanging around or knocking on my door or whatever.

Offline shengfan

I drove for a young lass a couple of years ago, Used to drive out the way fro an hour app, when she booked Hotel for day I went home then returned later.
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Offline daveev

Most drive off and wait for the call to pick the girl up, had a twat blast his horn outside the door when he got there once, the fool,

Offline sentinel

Discretion for the client and safety of the girl is the name of the name of the game here.

He should drop the girl off, wait for her to go in the house and then drive away out of sight.

He should return only when time is up and wait in the car, with the engine turned off, until the girl comes out and then drive straight away.

Obviously if the appt. is curtailed for any reason then the girl can phone the driver and he should be able to come straight back for her.

The driver will have to know the client's address but he won't know the client's name or phone number.

Any agency or escort should only use a driver who is willing to work to a sensible set of rules that makes the whole experience better for everyone concerned.
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