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Author Topic: Class Companion Glasgow  (Read 1631 times)

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Offline JackLad

So I'm flicking through AW and noticed a face I saw a couple of years ago under a new profile. I say new, it's been about a while and I've clearly just never noticed it.

Wish I knew about this site back then. A quick search of her link on here now shows exactly what I encountered, but having been on here a while now and constantly seeing you lot reiterate how important negative reviews are, here it is.


I contacted her as at the time her photos showed her with a decent body and very long hair down to below her arse. I do love something to hold on to!

Comms were good, she was prompt at replying etc and we had everything arranged pretty quickly. As with this profile, her old profile had LOADS of positive AW reviews.

Met in a high rise, I think I got off at bridge st subway and walked there. Could be mistaken, was a while ago.

Flat was stinking. Like a proper mess. Some sort of mattress thing on the floor. Avoided it like the plague. It was one of my first 7 or 8 punts, so in hindsight I should definitely have walked. What a naive cunt I was.

She looked like her teeth had been mashed in by an angry man wielding a watermelon. Fuck knows how I got hard enough to tell her to just ride me on the couch reverse cowgirl, but like a absolute trooper I got through it, popped, and ran for the hills. I was imagining my previous punt, the lovely Frankie from nearby the Quay who no longer works I think. Shame!

She said something on the way out about reviewing her on AW, I think I would have been her hundredth positive. Honestly I'm at a loss how she has gotten so many.

I'd rather shag a fat bird with the clap than do that again.

Just in case, somehow, someone isn't convinced yet, avoid this one.

Can still smell that fucking mattress  :vomit:

1 review(s) found for CLASS COMPANION linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline Dundee Man

Has anyone else noticed her proud claim to have been, "...gifted with a very tight Virginia..."; just how awesome is that ?!?!
Banning reason: Fluffy troll

Offline J_H

I'm sure she had an even more shocking review on here a while back - really heavy stuff, with armed pimp etc. Nightmare stuff, not just a bad punt.

Offline RandyF

Well known junkie torag.

She'll do just about anything for a tenner...hence her AW fanboys.  Vile cunts, the lot of them.

The Good 1 was a big fan  :D  Enough said. 
Banning reason: Troll

Unfortunately I'm another one. Few years back now but I fell for the reviews. Got there, about to do an about turn but the wee head was in control, thought I'd get a quick Bj and then off.
She's got a huge mole on the side of her face that I couldn't take my eyes off of as she bobbed up and down on my knob, had to stop myself looking to get it over with quicker. Her body is absolutely nothing to write home about, at no point did I consider fucking her.
Anybody else ever get that dry bolk feeling after they've done something they really know they shouldn't have as they're leaving?....just me? Fuck! I must have low standards.

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