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Author Topic: Curvey.Alessia22 - Basildon  (Read 414 times)

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Offline TheBSG


Contacted Alessia for a short notice punt and she promptly texted the address of the hotel. On arriving she answered the phone and gave the room number.

Have to say the hotel wasn't one of the regular WG ones and you have to walk right past reception which would have been uncomfortable but the receptionist was in the back room.

Alessia is no longer blonde as her profile shows but brunette. Petite with a slim body but reasonable sized natural breasts,  nice skin and some faint barely visible stretch marks.

Was originally looking for an hour punt but on asking about DFK was told she doesn't do that.

Annoying as its in her likes and her profile also says she does everything on her list so I changed to a half hour booking.

Took a shower and began with a BJ which was enthusiastic. Went to do RO but she told me I must use mouthwash first.

Getting irritated now as I am well groomed, don't smoke and had used gum and mints before the meet and have never had issues before

Sex was good nut nothing great.

Overall the location, refusal to do things on her list and odd request regarding RO make her a negative as I wont go back.
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3 review(s) found for Horney.kate33 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline Ben4454

Sorry to hear you had a bad punt.

I personally would have walked. She pretty much service bait and switched you. It was like walking into McDonalds after seeing a advertisement for a double chicken burger and them telling you 'Sorry never heard of that but have this'' working girls should never be rewarded for lying to punters.

Yet another sparkling Romanian review.
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Offline Siadwel

Sorry here, too, mate.

Saw this pic and couldn't help thinking that it was a grim-looking old boiler.

And the one on the wall.

I love her little bush, though. If not for the review, I'd have been tempted by that alone.

Offline TheBSG

I'm not actually sure that is her in the photo which is odd as her verification photo is better and is accurate!

She certainly doesnt have the bush as she was clean shaven so looks like a bait and switch

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