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Author Topic: Busy college girl...Really?  (Read 1648 times)

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Offline Apu

Apologies for the essay....https://www.adultwork.com/2923654 or https://www.adultwork.com/Busty+College+Girl

The biggest waste of £160, stupidity at its very best. Impulse, desperation and thinking with my throbbing cock which was on a semi the whole journey. I tried to discover a gem but quickly realised I should stick to reliable reviewed prossies.

First of all:
The girl is clearly not the one from the profile.
24 ? Probably  34 ! Student? Doesn't speak more than 2 words of english. She from Brazil.
The face is completely different and it's a whole other person based on that one blurred gallery face picture she had , I'm sure its called bait and switch.
The punt was decent but purely a negative because it was based on a lie.

I think I spoke to a maid or secretary woman, whatever the fuck its called.
But Great, organised within an hour of initial contact. Language barriers cause for 8/10, alot of awkward silences on the phone.

The Punt:
I walk in after being horny and lost/late for 30 minutes to find a evidently sexy 30-38 year old woman.
I looked at her arse, 10/10, her tits enhanced by also 8/10, her face was a 5/10. The cock had said yes while the brain screamed yes.
I walked in and my brain walked out the door.

She pulls out a piece of fucking paper with the hourly rate? For Fuck Sake, my brain screamed leave, the heart scream take the £80/per half hour rate and cut your losses.

The cock said full hour £160 handed over. What the fuck went through my cock ? My brain was as useful as her english at this point.

Passionate DFK. Oral with? Pissed off at point. Your standard blowjob.
Fucked her doggy, she was saying dirty stuff in Portuguesse I guess, got very steamy, fucked her looking at a mirror. Nice big plum arse.
Then she goes fucks it up by holding my balls and fingering my arsehole. I stopped. Turned her over. Some fantastic positions followed.
I finished.....20 minutes in, she says "Shower?" or she said it in Portuguesse and I understand a little spanish.
I say no "One Hour means 60 minutes" she says ok calms and suggests "Massage....?"  10 minutes after a shite massage...

At this point realising my stupidity, I ask for half my money back.
She doesn't understand a word, so I say it again, she starts giving me a handjob.  My cock brainfarts and doesn't follow through, I carry on fucking her for another 15 mins.

Here comes the wierd part, I was without condom and she sat on my flaccid cock, I felt her pussy for one second and pushed her back. It competely threw me back, it maybe accidental but had my cock inserted into her pussy rather than being sat on for 1 second, I would have freaked.

On my way, there was someone in the house, 3 bedroom so I guess she's got company.
In the shower I had instant regrets, 30-38 year old woman was not 24, she was not a student nor was she young, I expected 24 y/o.
She spoke no words and it was a Con I paid £160 for lies.
Had she been advertised as 34 year old and with her actual face, this would be a neutral bordering positive because of the intensity and enthusiasm shown.

I hope nobody repeats my errors. I feel like giving up punting at present,  if my cock is making snap judgements calls against my brain, i can't trust myself with situation again. I'm not cut out for "walking" or "getting half the money back". I'm also an idiot it seems, to be so fully aware yet to carry on. I feel paranoid at present, the idea of a 50-50 "punt" does scare me, I want to uncover my own gem as I did with Adele + Ellie Rose but they quickly became forum favourites.

I am on the verge of packing it in, the hope of pornstar escorts keeps me clinging on. I tried to cleanse myself of the AW account, but I've hold on to it because of the pornstars I have on my HL and regulars.

The only thing that could make me feel worse now is finding out out she's a man......I'd take a running jump.

1 review(s) found for Busty College Girl linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

I think you need to give it a very long break.By holding on to your money you're hitting them where it hurts.These kind of rates for services offered and quality of product is outrageous.Just  think what an office cleaner earns.

Very sad to hear of your encounter,  Apu.
£160 is a lot of cash for 1 hour with someone you haven't met before and when you did realise bait and switch once on location,  the Brain should have sent abort mission order even if your one eyed Jack was advising otherwise.
Most Portuguese = Brazilian and that for me is enough not to read further.
Stick with Hungarians and you won't go wrong.
Sad you were had, but thinking of giving up ? Perish the thought.
Good luck on your nexr conquest.

Offline mrgio1

So glad saw your review, was just about to book!
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (mrgio1, boringsex)

Apu, I respectfully suggest that you keep a close eye on your dick.  It seems to be calling the shots - and probably needs to be put in its place.  It's your money so you're the boss, not your dick.  Have an open dialogue with it.

Sorry to hear about your encounter. Many of us have been in the same boat. She has changed her profile name to Secret Sex Love. It shows the dangers of relying on AW feedback: a quick scan of who has seen her and then whom they have seen shows what I also would think of as good legit feedback but clearly is not (eg GoldenBoyLondon for example with Madlin Moon). Thank you for illuminating this Bait and Switch profile.

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