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Author Topic: Sweet Angel Sophie - Paddington/Bayswater  (Read 2632 times)

4 review(s) for SWEET ANGEL SOPHIE (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline Hertsgent


Trying to be better at doing reviews, so here goes for a recent London one. Saw Sophie last week, having seen her once before last year. The review is for this occasion, although both times I have gone for 1 hour at £80 (given 30 mins is £60). Small hotel, basic but clean and fine.

Sophie is at least part Romanian (never met a pure bred!), but one with good feedback, that is the person advertised, and reliable. In terms of personality, she speaks very good English (useful in an hour unless you can go continuously for England), and had good conversation across several topics. For me, Sophie is facially very pretty (I like the Romanian look, despite all that sometimes goes with it), petite, with a nice figure, large assets and tidy down South.

Having seen her before there was familiarity. Sophie was dressed nicely, I quickly stripped down to my undercrackers, and kissing/fondling began. This was followed by OWO, RO, and then popped on the condom for several positions before I couldn't hold out. Enjoyed the feeling that Sophie seemed to well into it, very responsive, and even suggesting good angles for her (better than the usual "I like everything").

Short rest and chat before Sophie initiated round two. Always suspect for me a second pop, but Sophie tried hard and we had some fun, including sex, but I couldn't deposit any juice.

Overall I would say excellent vfm. I've seen several in this price range (usually outside London) and/or £100/hour girls, and Sophie is certainly at, or close to the top. Left very satisfied on both occasions.

Had a little wander round Soho after, as not in London that often, and love the seedy walk ups (having popped my punting cherry there about 18 months ago). Fancied going up to see some of the latest recommendations, but didn't really have anything left so left it until next time (soon hopefully).

Hope the review is helpful - pretty girl, good company, willing participant = good punt....

4 review(s) found for SWEET ANGEL SOPHIE linked to in above post (3 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

this is an old old thread, and she' now moved to Canning Town, but just wondered if anyone has any recent info on her? The reason I ask is because her feedback is now hidden, which is always a cause for alarm.


Offline NightKid

Not particularly recent, but I saw her last year after the few reviews on her popped up (Autumn period, and she'd moved to C Town by then) and didn't bother to write about it then as she was terribly "meh". She had the standard Romanian no-no list and my time was also cut short like doobes.

Offline scarebear

Shes on my HL as well, but im having second thoughts now.

Would be intererested in latest updates if anyone has seen as well.

Cheers Nightkid. Did the meh-ness extend to her looks?

Offline Hertsgent

I haven't seen her since my review, sorry

Offline NightKid

Cheers Nightkid. Did the meh-ness extend to her looks?

For me, yes. There's quite a few mentions regarding the doctored pics but looking alright IRL, yet I vaguely remember coming away rather disappointed about that too.

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