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Author Topic: Latina Taunton - Anne  (Read 944 times)

Offline lewis666

Well I'm very confused, having had a few good visits to Latinas I was looking forward to a new girl and see its Anna, who has confused me.

The photos have always been accurate before and now it seems that hers are photoshop edited as no tattoos on the recent ones but clearly has tattoos other own ones. 

Has anyone had the pleasure of this lady before I have to TOFTT and hope not to regret it, or maybe wait a week for a change of scenery????

Offline JV547845

Only been to Bella's the once this year so far mate, sorry.

I think I'm going to TOFTT with Nina this week though. https://www.adultwork.com/2858574
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Offline Qwerty

Latinas and Bella's aren't the same

Latinas is just outside Taunton http://groups.adultwork.com/%40Latinas or http://groups.adultwork.com/18924, currently only Anna working, sometimes 2 or 3 available - have seen several there

Bellas is in Taunton, http://groups.adultwork.com/Bella%60S+Latina or http://groups.adultwork.com/18854 - haven't yet had the pleasure

Offline JV547845

Yes you're right.  Latinas in NFW has the better reputation of course, earned over time.  They'r so similar though, apart from Bella's being £20 cheaper for an hour, that in my opinion I'm pretty sure they're run by the same people.  How many agencies bringing Columbian WGs into Taunton for the same price per 30 mins can there be?

Offline lewis666

I hadn't seen Nina and think given the pro pics taken for both would shoot that way too rather than with Anne at the moment as something just doesn't click for me.

As for Latinas and Bella's being the same i can only see that the girls seem to stay a while longer at Latinas and the fact it's out of town suits me better rather than dodging shoppers in a central location but each to their own.

Offline Qwerty

I don't think they're the same - for quite a while Bella's were deleting and recreating their profiles, saying "new in town" - I guess figuring that new girls are more popular. Whereas Latinas have pretty much the same text for all the girls.

Doesn't mean to say there isn't some kind of link, but I think clearly different.

Offline lewis666

I know what you mean with the description and the identical script, but with most Latinas girls you are pretty sure you know what your getting before turning up, haven't had a bad surprise yet!

Offline JV547845

Yeah if I was a Taunton local Bella's wouldn't feel very discrete. It doesn't say Massage over the door or anything though, let alone Brothel.

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