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Author Topic: Milf - Dee - Worcestershire  (Read 1163 times)

Hi Gents,

Going back 3-4 years ago (doesn't time fly as it really doesn't seem that long) there used to be an escort in Worcestershire called Dee. Her profile name I cannot recall, but included the word milf. She was late 40's, and lived in Pershore, although she only offered outcalls. Does anyone here remember her? As I would have her down as the best escort I have seen.

Would be even better if someone still had contact details. Would love to fuck her one last time. And before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, I am not some sort of weirdo stalker, and I respect the escort/punter boundaries and their need for discretion too. That said I have been punting for over 11 years and she is the only woman to really stick in my mind as always a great experience. I know its a long shot, but would love one last gfe with her

Offline just_me

I think I know who you mean, lightish brown hair down to about jawline, very slim, nice body with smallish tits? she worked in pershore but lived in droit I think. If its her she stopped escorting a while back, maybe 2 years

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