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Author Topic: Sexyjackie1 of Dumfries  (Read 2564 times)

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Offline Largs43

I enjoyed a 1½hr incall at Sexyjackie1's wee flat in Dumfries town centre.


Great comms beforehand, although she asked me to phone her before placing the booking "so she could hear my sexy voice". To be fair, she specifies this for all potential meets on her profile; maybe it's to weed out the nutters, or to record all guys' voices in case something goes seriously wrong, I dunno. Not a problem though, it only took 2 minutes.

Her flat's 10 minutes walk from the railway station, with abundant free car parking all around. The flat's well hidden & discreet although in the town centre.

She'd asked beforehand what I'd like her to wear, I'd just requested stockings but not fishnets, and when the paperwork was done she stripped off to reveal the black & pink 50s pin-up lingerie from her profile pics, sheer black stockings and shiny black heels.

I had a quick shower - the flat's small but spotless, warm & comfortable - then onto the bed.

We chatted with gradually more feeling up & kissing, though never DFK. She has a great body, soft smooth skin, and an easy laugh. A few small & cheeky tattoos.

I suggested we start with 69 which was excellent, good & deep, then I wanted to just watch her suck me so got a good long BJ, balls licked (she asked if that was okay, apparently not all guys like it!). She changed speed, depth, hand/lips/tongue action as I asked. A really good, long BJ!

The usual positions with a bright red condom, it's a pity she doesn't have "spanking receiving" on her likes list because her ass is pert, round & small. She kept the lingerie on throughout, pulling her panties off & later just the top of her basque off to free up her boobs. She said she has a few tummy stretchmarks & didn't want to show them. Fair do's.

Lay back for another BJ to finish, she offered CIM before I could ask for it, and then she swallowed the lot!   :yahoo:

Maybe just because I was shaved down below, had showered, turned up smartly dressed... I dunno. I think it's always worth being well-presented just in case you can get more from the woman...

I cheekily asked for a coffee afterwards (as there was still some time left on the clock) which was no problem.  :thumbsup:

Sexyjackie1's a nice woman to chat to before & after.

I'd definitely go back if the opportunity arises again.

Negatives? Not many; she's a milf & her photos don't really do her justice. The bright red condom was amusing & having to phone first before booking was a first for me but not really an issue. BJ was with her eyes closed, not looking into mine but maybe she would've if I'd asked. Nothing to complain about during our session at all really.

1 review(s) found for sexyjackie1 linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Thanks for this review mate. Any chance you could give some more info on her looks, specifically her face? marks out of 10? Photos are shite. She's not a rough/butch looking thing is she? Can I assume she's reasonably feminine?

Says she's 46 on her profile. How far off the mark is that?


In her pics her fanny is like a wizards sleeve  :vomit:

The OP kindly PM'd me some further info that didn't paint her in a particularly good light (to me), despite the positive here. That, combined with the fact that I sent her a polite message which she read and didn't bother to reply to, will mean that I won't be seeing this lady. (I would definitely have seen her once just to try, had she replied)

Shame, because I could have done with a regular in Dumfries (where I find myself quite often).

Another WG losing out on a potential £70 (and possibly much more) due to her own fucking stupidity and laziness in not even bothering to reply to messages. Oh well.

Thanks for this review mate. Any chance you could give some more info on her looks, specifically her face? marks out of 10? Photos are shite. She's not a rough/butch looking thing is she?
Yes she is. I'd say a 4, if I was generous.
Can I assume she's reasonably feminine?
No she's not, think ex-junkie and what that does to people's looks. Her boyfriend/pimp is just as bad.

I walked past her today, the distinctive long hair and the location given from Cactuscoco was a dead giveaway, as I live round the corner, I recognised it straight away...next to the chinese takeaway and the dentists. ;)

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