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Author Topic: Black Diamond X Doncaster  (Read 759 times)

Offline kochelsea

Foreign looking profile but if genuine pics she looks like she's worth a go, does anoyone have any experience ? Sorry I can't seem to link the profile 

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I text her today,shes working from a hotel near the Outlet/m18.

Offline kochelsea

let me know if you see her please

Offline twiglet

Attempted to see her today whilst in Sheffield.

Comms were good, arranged time and all was well.

Got there a little early and text to say arrived and was she ready. She says yes. I reply and ask for her to let me know floor/room number and she says can I wait a few minutes.

This makes a bit of an alarm go off for me.

15 minutes go by and then I get a text saying to go to a certain floor and then contact again.

I made my way back to the station as I couldn't be arsed with the text tennis and uncertainty of what was about to happen. Text her to say I would try again some time as I would miss my train if I went ahead and saw her.

Maybe it was all genuine but never had it like that before.

Shame because she looks quite nice if it is her in the photos.

Hopefully get them emptied somewhere else today.  :D

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