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Author Topic: Sweet-Seducing Sarah in Leyton  (Read 1100 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2238445 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sweet%2DSeducing+Sarah

Thanks to a recommendation from one of the Scottish punters, I visited "Sarah" when she was in Leyton yesterday

Booked in the morning for an evening slot, and was able to re-arrange when other plans got in the way without too much hassle.  Comms via text and phone were both good.

Got there 15 minutes ahead of tine and asked for the address, which I received promptly afterwards.
No waiting around and I was greeted by Sarah at the door. Initial reaction was mixed. Good body, sexy light red hair but average facially. Not ugly by any means, but just the knockout I was hoping for. Think bookish girl next door. 

Paid £60 for 30 mins as I had to be somewhere in an hour, plus I've made the mistake of thinking £20 for a further 30 mins is a bargain, but it just isn't if the girl is poor and you don't want to be there. Better to leave wanting more is my thinking, rather than sit there trying to get value for your money.

We both undressed (separately - bit of a bugbear). We then kissed for quite some time. Initially it was closed lip kissing and I thought "here we go, again", but she's just very slow to warm up. It wasn't frenetic, or particularly deep, but it worked for me, eventually.

I really liked her body, the pale skin, perfect c cup tits and slim without being skin and bones. I went down on her for a while - we both enjoyed it, I think. She then pushed for sex. I think it was a combination of both her getting excited, but also running out of time. As much as I'd like to this it was more the former, it most likely wasn't! Barely got any oral, and what I did get was with a condom. That might be because it was literally only 2 sucks as she wanted to fuck, rather than because she doesn't provide OWO. Something you may want to confirm.

Sex was very good and she rode me in cowgirl for quite a while until I came. I'm not one for switching positions constantly and hate it when girls jump on and off.


Very sexy body - just my type. Definitely the girl in the pictures
Sex was great and she wasn't one of those girls who lay there.
Nice sensual kissing
There weren't any "no go areas" - and she allowed fingering despite being quite 'small' down there.


Average facially, but cute enough 6/10.

Not the greatest area
Flat not amazing. Very worn bedroom. Not at all homely.
No shower offered - didn't need it pre punt, but would have appreciated one afterwards. We had been very hot and sweaty.
Getting Changed

Recommended? Yes
Will you return? Probably not - plenty of other girls to see, and not pretty enough for me and not stunning enough to re-visit. 

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