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Author Topic: hot blonde lena (nr Euston)  (Read 903 times)

10 review(s) for xLena (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative) [Indexed by Admin]


https://www.adultwork.com/2746957 or https://www.adultwork.com/hot+blonde+lena

Penetration (protected)

Price: £70 / 30 mins

Comms: via phone and text, very straightforward

Location: Block of flats near  tube station, very easy to find.  Flat was pleasant and clean with en-suite shower.

I saw Lena a couple of weeks back. Went to see her one morning when I had planned to do a longer punt with a regular, but was far too tired and pushed for time. I was still feeling horny though, so decided on a quick 30 mins with a new girl.

Lena is friendly, and looks very much like her photographs. Facially she is attractive but not drop dead gorgeous.  She's tall, has a fairly toned body and fantastic natural boobs.  They're not huge, but they are very firm and an excellent handful.   So far for me, she takes Silver in the "best natural boobs on a WG of 2015" category (Gold going to bustydd angel).  She is fresh and clean tasting, with no sign of being a smoker.

Her OWO technique is good, with plenty of attention to balls. She FKs, but not super deep DFK (unlike some girls I've seen recently who seem like they are trying to eat you).  So far so good, but now we get to the negatives.

1. I definitely felt rushed. I don't do many shorter bookings, but when I do 30 minutes, I like to do 15 mins of foreplay (oral, kissing etc), 5-10 mins of actual fucking, then 5 mins of recovery time kissing etc.  Lena was getting the condom out after 5 mins or so; I slowed her down once but she clearly wanted to get on. 

2. I'd say she took RO politely rather than enthusiastically. She was happy for me to go at it for a while, but then did the "oh, I've gone very sensitive, why don't we fuck"?  line

3. She didn't rush whilst we were fucking, and was keen to do mulitiple positions, but as soon as I'd come she cleaned up and left the room, coming back in after I'd dressed. 

This is a neutral rather than a negative for me because I actually enjoyed the punt, apart from the rushing thing.    It's  shame because if she took her time a little more, it would have been fantastic, and I would have returned regularly.   She's an attractive, friendly girl with good technique, but needs to slow down!

Maybe she'd take her time more in an hour booking, but I'm not sure I'll go back to find out, although the thought of spaffing on those boobs is tempting.

I'd call this a "McDonalds punt" - convenient, not massively expensive, satisfies an immediate need, but leaves you feeling hungry again shortly afterwards. 

10 review(s) found for xLena linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 3 negative)

I saw her earlier today and agree with a lot of what you said,will do a separate review in due course!

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