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Author Topic: Overnitexpress Stanstead Airport  (Read 1209 times)

Online Neal69

So I explained on a Thread on the main board why she is in my HL.

So has anyone had the pleasure?

 https://www.adultwork.com/2151737 or https://www.adultwork.com/overniteexpress87

Spoken to her on the phone but we could not get the date/time together and she seems pretty nice and Professional.

The reason for the hotlistng?

The Smiley face

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Offline dkn

I've seen her - and like her.

She's no sylph, but has a very honest profile which sums up what I found her to be: "I'm not a porn star, superstar or model, just Nikki as in my photos, naughty as my private gallery shows but most of all a normal down to earth girl who loves good company, sex and sucking a nice willy, oooh I love it."

Very open, very straightforward Essex girl.  I'll go back for some more of that...

Offline dkn

And yes, I think it was those smiley face photos that originally tempted me in, too!

Online Neal69

Thanks for that dkn  :drinks:

Must get this punt arranged.

I take it she uses one of the hotels at Stanstead.

Any problems at reception etc, as while not quite being a newbie at hotels I have done most of my punting at Indies flats/houses.

Don't suppose you could PM me which one?



Online Neal69

Just an update.

I did book her the other week.

Phoned and she seemed very pleasant on the phone and then texted the hotel fairly much straight away for an evening booking.

I had a bit of a text exchange asking about the hotel and reception and she even offered to meet me in the lobby if I had a problem with hotel receptions.

Got a text mid afternoon cancelling me do to problems with the hotel room.

I did think that my one hour booking had been bumped for a better offer of a longer booking but obviously this is just a suspicion on my part.

I think I will give her another try as I said she did sound very nice on the phone and did seem to want to address my fears of negotiating the hotel reception so I will see how the next one pans out.

Thanks to all for information about the hotel by PM.


Neal back in March before my days with UKP I had the pleasure of doing an overnight with Nikki, I had an awful lot of fun with her for only £450 BARGAIN. She is very easy to get on with and communicates very well, so if it was I would give her another go.
Don't worry about the hotel staff she gets on well with the staff and she did reveal to me that her and the manager know each other on an intimate level.

Online Neal69

Thanks Ramsbottom,

I will do so.



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