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Author Topic: Lily, Reading (NOT the girl in the photos)  (Read 2042 times)

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Offline Cunning Punt

https://www.adultwork.com/2233172 or https://www.adultwork.com/%2ELily%2E%40

Met up with "Lily", or whatever her name is, earlier this evening at flat she is working from in Reading town centre.

Absolutely nothing like the very attractive girl in the photos, dull girl and not a great shag - avoid.


Fee: 30min @ £60
Comms: Called Lily as I was leaving work and arranged a meeting for an hour later. She texted me the postcode. On arrival, called for flat number but she didn't buzz me in straight away - was on phone. Hanging round outside for about a minute before she buzzed me in, but wasn't really an issue as fortunately no-one around.

Top-floor flat in one of a series of blocks in Reading town centre. It's a side road off Bridge Street, turning is by council office. Therefore, parking in Oracle is an option, but to be honest, there is enough parking on the estate if you go right to the bottom of the road.
It's a nice area, with few people around. So far, so good, but it went downhill from here...

Looks: Average-looking Polish girl, a bit EMO, with dyed red hair and fairly heavy black mascara. About 26 years old, thin and with small breasts. In a nutshell: Nothing like the girl in the photos.

Personality: She had one? Could have fooled me. Was pleasant enough and spoke reasonable English, but hardly said a word. No interaction or interest at all, but at the same time, not unpleasant. She may not even have been Polish.

Details of meeting:
After the slight delay, went to top floor and found flat easily enough. No sign of any neighbours.
I knocked on the door and, unsurprisingly, the girl who opened it looked nothing like the girl in the photos, photoshopped or not. Looks-wise, she was very average and I sure that many of you would have turned on their heels and walked at this point.
But I don't have particularly high standards and she seemed nice enough, plus I was here now. And besides, I had already taken a herbal blue pill and the front of my trousers was started to ripple.
Flat and bedroom was nice enough.

"How long do you want to stay? An hour"
"AN HOUR, you've got to be fucking joking?! You're bloody lucky that I'm paying for HALF an hour"
I didn't actually SAY that to her, of course, just thought it.

She took the paperwork, disappeared, I undressed and she came back with a towel, offering me a shower. It was en suite and seemed nice enough. Oh, I wrong I was.
I remembered to take my trousers containing phone, keys etc into the bathroom with me (can't be too careful).
Unfortunately, I needed to go for a piss. Lid and seat were down. Lifted the lid up. CLUNK. It came away in my hand. Lifted the seat. CLUNK. It came away in my other hand. Jesus wept. She knows I'm going to the loo then! (I didn't break them - they were already detached - honest.)
I managed to prop the lid up, then hold the seat in my right hand and my cock in the left and piss easily enough.
Then I squeezed myself into the world's smallest shower and pressed the button. A drip of water came out on medium and a dribble on high, even when I took the head off its stand to try to increase the pressure.
And there was no shower gel in the bottle.

This was turning into a truly disastrous punt and I was nowhere near the girl yet.

After a quick wash, came out and she was already stripped down on the bed. She then leapt into a rather hamfisted hand job and if she did any OWO, then it was so quick I missed it. I tried kissing her, but she not only closed her mouth but turned her head away.
Kissed her tits and went down on her. Unsurprisingly, given my luck, she had a rather sensitive clit so had to be fairly gentle. While I was giving her oral, she was intaking breath as if flinching - not sure if that is just a natural reaction and nothing to worry about or was her tensing up.

After a bit of this, sex. "I can't find the condom," she said.
Jesus wept. The way this punt is going, of course you can't.
She did find it eventually we had sex in missionary. Again, no FK and I had to realign her legs behind my back a couple of times. Not surprisingly, I lasted noticeably longer than in Leticia last week.

After I popped, she removed condom and offered me a dry tissue.
"I don't suppose you have any wet wi....?"
I didn't have to finish my sentence because I knew, after all the above, there was no way this ill-equipped EE WG was going to have a wet wipe. So had to use a couple of tissues, dress and leave.
At least she remembered to say "thank you".

- Nice, discreet area in town centre, with parking.

- Average looks, not ugly but...

- Nowhere near the girl in the photos
- Doesn't seem to enjoy her job so doesn't get "into it"
- Doesn't say anything and there's no interaction
- No FK or OWO
- Broken, disaster-prone bathroom that trying to negotiate is akin to a Laurel and Hardy sketch.
- And finally, no wet wipes.

Yes, yes, yes, I know what you are saying.
There is no way that, realistically, the WG, charging £60 for half an hour in Reading with little real feedback, was actually going to look like this..

I'm sure you sages are shaking your head, going "stupid, old fool". And you're probably right. Truth is I was aware of this profile previous and knew that the girl wouldn't be her in the photos, but I sometimes enjoy the uncertainty of who is going to open that door. You can't go on safe bets all the time.
For my last 2 punts, you couldn't get more of a contrast between a high-end Working Girl like Leticia and this girl - yet they are a couple of hundred yards away from each other as the crow flies.

But that, dear reader, is the joy of punting.

1 review(s) found for .Lily.@ linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline berksboy

    Yet on her AW "Q. Is it really you in your pictures    A. Yes it is me 100% ,, I get told I'm better In the flesh than in my pictures anyway , so come judge for yourself"

     They sure can lie !

Offline James999

It looks as if the profile is being "passed around" as it used to have a completely different girl on it, clearly one to avoid  :thumbsdown:

Offline jimmychunga

Shame CP.

I saw her Tuesday and it most definitely WAS the girl in the photos. There is a bit of photoshopping there but it was her.

Lovely girl. Chatty. Law student from Wroclaw. Smart. Nice attitude. Friendly. Kissing.

She is in that flat where there are a load of Polish girls. Curvy Alex etc

Looks like you got a bait and switch. Bad luck. It happens. But I had a nice time with her...thats why they call it punting!!!

Offline king tarzan

my banana needed to unleash some heavy juice, so called her, asked her if that is her in pictures, she said yes, but i was not convinced, and driving all the way from the great city of london to reading late at night did not appeal to me either as i had suspicion its not really her and feedback looked sketchy too.. glad i saved time and petrol..

Offline Sylvester

Shame CP.

I saw her Tuesday and it most definitely WAS the girl in the photos. There is a bit of photoshopping there but it was her.

Lovely girl. Chatty. Law student from Wroclaw. Smart. Nice attitude. Friendly. Kissing.

She is in that flat where there are a load of Polish girls. Curvy Alex etc

Looks like you got a bait and switch. Bad luck. It happens. But I had a nice time with her...thats why they call it punting!!!

Will there be a review forthcoming?
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy (Atticus Finch)

I was going to see this girl when she was in Glasgow but she moved back to Reading so did not get the chance.

Offline Cunning Punt

This seems to be the girl I actually saw. At least she now has her own profile.

https://www.adultwork.com/2964328 or https://www.adultwork.com/red+hot+samantha

She looks plainer than even I remember.

Forgot to mention this, but as you can see from one of her pictures, she is a bit of a smoker, though apparently she is trying to give up, at least that's what she told me while puffing away on an e-cigarette.
Maybe not getting French kissing off her wasn't such a loss, after all.

Guess you'll be lucky to catch her... she doesn't "just sit in the apartment" waiting for our call, you know!

Is the girl in the profile pics now the one you saw ...that was a negative?

Offline Cunning Punt

No, unfortunately not!

This is definitely NOT the girl I saw.

Wish it were.

The girl that I saw had dyed red hair and wasn't attractive. Sorry, with hindsight, for clarity, I should have captured a picture of the "substitute" from the profile that I subsequently found, which has since disappeared. Substitute wasn't cut out for being a WG so has probably given up anyway.

The new pictures of Lily, now Sara, seem more real than the photoshopped earlier ones and are probably the same girl - the question remains whether this girl pictured is a working escort.

It is possible that the girl in the new photos on the profile does really exist and I just got bait and switched because the "actual" Lily/Sara was busy, but I can't say for sure.

Jimmy Chunga (see post above) thinks he did see the real Lily, or someone fairly similar, so if he doesn't respond to this thread. I suggest you PM him with one of the new pics.

Best advice I can give is, be careful about travelling a long way to her, just in case you get bait and switched. And if you go, insist on seeing her and walk if you don't.

If you visit, please report back either way because girls from that group alternate around and are in Reading/Slough in turns.

Good luck.
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Offline James999

Offline Cunning Punt

Thanks for the updated link, Rubric

Report it to AW and include her previous profile number  :hi:

I have done that. You can tell the difference in the photos of "Lily" and the other girls in the group.
Not only is she much better looking, the quality and setting of the photos is much better.

BTW, I think that when I got B&S'd in the summer, I could have seen this girl, but if it isn't her, she was very similar.

https://www.adultwork.com/3325607 or https://www.adultwork.com/Sexy%5FKaroline

Offline jimmychunga

Isnt that Olive from 'On The Buses'?   :scare:

Offline Cunning Punt

AW staff are fucking useless. That's the second prossie's profile that I've complained to them about in the past month and both profiles are still active with not so much as a flagged-up warning on their profile.

Tossers. They're just happy to take the few quid from Sergeis.

Based upon the new AW profile for Lily https://www.adultwork.com/3325593 or https://www.adultwork.com/Cute%5FLily
I've noticed that she appears to be working as an Agency Girl via this site.

I think the other models shown on the agency site may also have separate AW profiles, or possibly had AW profiles in the

Clicking on the map on that site, they are based in Reading in the US.  It's a little too far for me to travel for a 30 min punt  :rolleyes:

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