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Author Topic: What happened to Barry Babe?  (Read 1293 times)

Hi guys a couple of years ago there was a gorgeous girl operating from Barry, under the name of Barry Babe.
She was early twenties and the full package!
Gave an excellent service with owo and cim for a reasonable price.
Anyone know if she's around at all?
Or recommendations for a replacement?
Cheers in advance  :thumbsup:

Funny enough I was thinking about her yesterday, the Redhead girl?

More browny hair as I remember but may have been reddish I haven't the best memory.. :blush:

Offline dumbo25

Are you sure it wasn't Welsh_Brunette as she use to work in Barry until a few yrs back. But think she went under a different name.

No Barry Babe was not Welsh Brunette. Nice looking girl, but a few too many stretch marks. I remember seeing her on plenty of fish a few years ago.

Sorry, but I have no idea what happened to her. Probably settled down and retired.

She was her rival kind of, I was asking Welsh Brun if she knew her being in the same area at the time, wish she'd make a return, one of the best, like em that that

Plus she was called something else before Barry Babe as she disappeared and came back as Barry Babe, 'Jo?' something as I'm sure her profile was a first and last name and stated in her profile she was known around town in Barry??? racking me brains here

Offline Moneybags

Sadly chaps I'm pretty sure she's retired from this game. "Holly" as I think she was known just has a regular job now, still local, but no longer responds to the various lines of communication I had. By some odd twist of fate I ended up being friends with her on facebook, Twitter etc, but I got removed / blocked by her on all these after a few years so I guess it's just time to respect her privacy and remember the good times. She was my fave punt by far!!

Offline SirFrank

Ah the one that got away. I emailed her in my early forray into the world of AW and asked her if she fancied having her fanny stretched. She never replied to me, not even fuck off you sad loser. She then disappeared shortly afterwards.
Banning reason: Shitstirring against admin on behalf of banned member

Offline Moneybags

Ha. Can't see how that could fail to work?!

Offline HughJardon

Ha. Can't see how that could fail to work?!

Thanks for the update (about) Barry Babe, is your user name a clue perhaps ? Cmon we all thought it  :drinks:

Offline Moneybags

Well if I ever get manage to get a response from her I will be making an offer.
Not sure what the Mrs will make of it mind......

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