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Author Topic: Sexy Cute Lisa  (Read 3765 times)

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Offline MrDog

https://www.adultwork.com/2805524 or https://www.adultwork.com/sexy%5Fcute%5Flisa

£60 - 30 mins
£100 - 60 mins

Ok after a few shaky punts of late and a couple of aborted ones I decided to go North.

This time I was going to stick to a £60 punt and told the one eyed monster not to try and pull rank or else!

Good communications , spoke, received text postcode and spoke again when in area to get the full address. Couple of Mins walk from Tufnell Park Tube, I drove and parked on a meter which was £1.20 for 80 mins (just in case I went for the hour).
Ok so AW pictures are something that we punters don't exactly rely on as the gospel truth and Lisa's are most probably hers but I would say they are at least a few years old.
She's not a slip of thing, but at the same time not fat, I guess you would say average.
Facially, now this is where those AW shots and me differ as to authenticity. She's not the model that she makes out to have been, not unless its a typo and she's made an airfix model once. But saying that she was very polite & welcoming.
Asked to take shoes off in the hallway, there was someone in the living room playing a computer game but no bother to me.

Paperwork done, 30 mins £60, undressed on the bed, offered owo but I asked for with. Now I love snogging a bird so FK is always on my menu, she responded well,  i'm a smoker,  all be it two or three a day, I could taste/smell that she'd had a fag but had used mouthwash so it wasn't that bad, and anyway I'd had one in the car on the way over and done the same, (I do keep toothpaste & toothbrush in the glove compartment anyway) but some may not like this.
Shes got decent tits, not big not small, and not a bad arse.
Anyway, oral had got me raring to go so onto sex, did her on top, then doggy, then mish.
For £60 it was a damn site better than the tonne id wasted the day before on emily.cheung.
Would I return, I don't think so, but she was a nice enough girl.   

18 review(s) found for Top GFE linked to in above post (9 positive, 2 neutral, 7 negative)

Thanks for the review. Curious, this wasn't on Brecknock road was it?

Offline midspunt69

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Offline hiro05

thanks for the review. Would also be interested in what the premises were like... discreet?

Offline MrDog

No not on Brecknock, on Junction Rd just round the corner. Premises were decent, own entrance (its a basement), clean, big bathroom, bedroom was large and clean, I think the whole place had been renovated recently because it was in good order.
Checked her aw page today and looks like she has moved on to Kent.

Offline doobes

Is the same girl that you and tomato sauce and waffles reviewed currently on the profile or has it been recycled?

Is the same girl that you and tomato sauce and waffles reviewed currently on the profile?


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