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Author Topic: Chloe xox - back in Bristol  (Read 991 times)


I see from my 'Already Seen' hotlist that Chloe xox is back in Bristol from her travels, staying until the beginning of July.

I did hesitate before putting this up - I guess it's only really of interest to guys who have already seen Chloe, as she is not uploading any pictures. Although I see that she does say that she will email you some if you get in touch.

But anyway, if you haven't seen her, she's a petite Australian brunette rock-chick, early to mid-thirties I'd guess (only a hint of an accent though, if that's important). It's a good while since I saw her last, but when I did, she had a fantastic slim body. Services are GFE, but she has some nice moves. Interesting to talk to (if that's your thing, and why not?) and I found her style (dress/jewellery/tattoos) very much to my liking - not over-the-top teenage rocker, more understated and grown-up.

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Offline Johny Stone

This should be moved in the reviews section maybe?

Got a text from her today, working Thursday 4th and Friday 5th, 1330-2000hrs both days.

Offline Aramis

Please review this wg RH if you're going ? - she sounds a beaut

Offline SirFrank

There's a gap in the market for a stellar reliable girl. She sounds top banana but I'd like to see some reviews before I consider a visit. If anyone does see her soon, do post up a review because it sounds like she could be proper bang fucking tidy - I should be so lucky lucky lucky lucky etc
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