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88 review(s) for MissKDD (88 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Disclaimer: This is all verbose fluff and adds little in terms of new information about MissKDD.  I put it here in case some people like reading more detailed reviews, and so I can refer to it in the future without it hanging around on my computer.  If you're not interested in the fluffy stuff, STOP READING NOW and don't waste your time.  Simples.


I have lurked on UKP on and off for around 18 months.  About 4 years ago I retired from punting and though I have occasionally thought about returning, and even been in situations of extreme temptation, I have been "good" -- until now.  Three weeks ago I was in London for a business trip and I discovered for myself what others have regularly reported: that MissKDD is one of the best PSE performers around, and yet has a way of turning a PSE into a GFE: she is sweet and friendly and down-to-earth, but anything and everything, no matter how extreme or rude is greeted with enthusiasm and a smile.  I did not know the abbreviation MGIDSE previously and discovered it while writing this, but it could have been coined for her.

This was certainly the best punt I have ever had (but also the most expensive).  Perhaps it was not as kinky as when Briony wrapped herself in clingfilm, tore a small hole for her nose and mouth, and invited me to fuck her face (though I have no doubt K would have obliged if I’d asked).  And unlike the apparent trend on this forum, I had not booked multiple partners (where do you guys get the money??), so in that respect it lacked the sheer quantity of some memorable LMP session endings when 4-5 lovelies ministered their attentions at once.  Though it's a matter of taste of course, K's looks don't rival some of the staggering (but icey) princesses of FKK clubs.  But the sheer level of raunch, of wanton "do what you like", rolled up in a girl-next-door down-to-earth package was simply mind-blowing.

I actually tried to set this meet up more than 12 months ago.  I was visiting the UK over Christmas 2013 and came across UKP.  At that time there was a flurry of reviews for Kristen sparked by a set of outstanding reports from Hendrix.  Back then there were even some (non-facial) pics online to be found on AW and Twitter.  But my travel back home came the day before she returned from a few days off after Christmas/New Year.  I contacted her anyway since a business trip in May might be another opportunity.  My lack of AW feedback might also have been a problem but K was very understanding when I explained I'd been around a bit, but not recently, (eg I saw Gabriella of Maxes a few times) -- I'd just never used AW prior to my enforced punting retirement and then emigration.  Though it was all looking positive, in the end Kristen was on holidays in May, and I let the idea lapse.  When the prospect of a brief business trip in late March arose, I contacted her again, not expecting her to remember and very (pleasantly) surprised when she responded positively to my vague enquiry about a date.

Comms were all great and prompt.  Over various msgs back and forth we arranged to meet at my hotel in Cromwell Rd close to my business engagements, K positively encouraging my suggestions for the date.

I checked into my hotel with only about 40min to spare, showered and then started to realise how nervous I was, coming out of retirement after 4 years and the consequences of it going wrong.  Was I doing the wrong thing and would guilt mean I could not even "perform".  I dialed up my VPN service to watch some porn, hoping this would help get me over the nervous hump, then dashed down to a local supermarket for some alcohol to ease my nerves.  Back in the room, suddenly I realised I was short on cash and rushed back out to top up from the nearest ATM.  Just as I left the hotel lobby my phone rang and it was K, already in the lobby.  She apologised for being early and fortunately I was only a few mins getting more cash.

I met her in the hotel lobby on my way back from the ATM.  She was dressed conservatively and apologised for her "frumpy" appearance (her words), having come straight from work.  My first impressions were that she was pretty in an elfin kind of way (actually built not unlike my wife 20 years ago ;-)) but not really someone I would have looked twice at on the tube, say.  First impressions can be deceptive...

Up in my room the conversation was very natural and I poured us both a drink.  We chatted about her work and my brief stay in London, but within no time she'd initiated a deep french kiss before nipping to the shower to freshen up and change.

One of my pre-date requests was for some sexy heels, and K outdid my wildest dreams, emerging from the shower a different person from the conservative office-worker of the hotel lobby -- she was dressed in black lingerie and a pair of 5in Louboutin stilletos.  If there is an item of clothing that oozes dangerous sexuality more, then I would love to see it.  She sauntered over, squeezed my cock through my jeans and immediately started to dancing her tongue around mine with more tender DFK.  I reciprocated with my tongue and squeezed her ample arse before moving my mouth south towards her shapely DDs.  I pulled her bra down slightly to expose her small pert nipples and kissed and sucked them.

To get the best view of legs and arse in those amazing heels, especially their signature red soles, I positioned her standing against the wall, back arched and legs apart, giving me an awesome view from behind.  Peeling the narrow strip of black lace of her thong away from her crack I could see a jewel encrusted butt-plug peeking out from between her cheeks, and further around I could make out that her smoothly shaven cunt lips were just slightly parted.

I could have admired the view for longer but I was still fully clothed, my cock now straining at the elastic of my Tommy Hilfigers and leaking some pre-cum into the fabric.  With K’s help I undressed (she commented on my choice of underwear and the pre-cum), and we began the first of many oral episodes.  Kristen insisted this had to be in front of the mirror so I rearranged the furniture a little to make more room.  She sank to her knees and began to lick and suck my throbbing member, getting it wet with saliva and working her way along the full length, then taking my rock hard cock down to the base with little difficulty.  When I grabbed the back of her head, she spontaneously clasped her hands behind her back inviting a face fucking which I duly delivered, pushing her face into my mid-riff and holding it there while she gagged.  The feeling of her throat contracting on my shaft was unbelievable.  She even tried -- at this point without success -- to get my balls into her mouth at the same time.

To get a better angle, we progressed this to the bed with her head hanging off the edge while I stood and delivered my full length down her throat.  As I slid my cock between her lips toward the back of her mouth I would feel a point of resistance, and then it would slip down further as far as I could go.  With my hands pressed lightly on her throat I could feel the bulge as I penetrated deeper than I'd ever been into a girl's oesophagus.  "What's the biggest cock you can deep throat", I asked.  "I once had a partner in my private life with a 10in cock" she replied nonchalantly.  It was easy to understand why my average length and girth were no trouble for her then!

Now I slid under her into a 69 and began to lap away at her fresh, smooth pussy, then I tongued around the butt-plug.  I grabbed it with my fingers and pulled firmly, feeling her sphincter resist until suddenly the plug popped out, smaller but heavier than I was expecting.  I probed her arse with my tongue and could feel her move around to do the same for me, her tongue digging deep into my dark hole, then back to her magnificent deep throat job.  I could feel my sap rising and suggested another change of tack to help me regroup and to ensure I could tick a few more things off my bucket-list before I popped.  I was pretty sure there would be a round two, but I can never be sure I'll stay as hard second time around.

I moved her back to the mirror to act out one of the bucket-list fantasies I had in mind from the start: she stood facing the mirror with her arse pushed out by the ludricously sexy shoes she was still wearing.  Sheathed up, I moved in and pushed gently at her clean, fresh arsehole.  The butt-plug had done enough to ease my path but it was still delicously tight.  Egged on by Kristen I began to thrust in and out of her tight bunghole, increasing my pace and force with each thrust.  I glanced behind me and saw her 8in dildo lying on the bed just within reach.  I grabbed it and reached around in front to insert it into her pussy.  She was already exceedingly wet and it slid in without much effort, increasing the tightness for me and clearly exciting K.  As I moved it in and out of her slippery cunt she urged me on: "that's it, yes, keep going just like that".  Suddenly she groaned and I felt a wetness gush onto my hand.  It dripped onto the carpet below us and the repeated contraction of her muscles with the intensity of her orgasm squeezed me out of her arse.  K's squirting fame had me hopeful of this reaction, but it was still surprisingly and wonderfully easily.  Another first ticked off.

"Would you like me to try my anal hook?". WTF!  Out came a frightening looking huge fish-hook with a 4cm diameter steel-balled end.  She grabbed a bit of lube and gently inserted the ball into her arse before dropping to her knees in front of me and handing me the chain on which the hook dangled. "Pull on it!" she urged as she downed my cock again repeatedly, gagging and spitting and letting me force her head down until again her nose was buried in my midriff and her tongue lapping at my balls as I tugged on the chain.  When she released, gasping for air I held her chin and kissed her deeply again then offered her two fingers which she kissed and sucked before I thrust them down her throat ahead of another round of DFK.

"How about I squirt on your face?".  Not on my bucket-list, but an interesting proposition, so why the fuck not?.  K went over to her bag of tricks and came out with another large and strange looking device which she plugged in to the wall.  It seemed that having come a minute or two earlier, she would need mains-powered mechanical help to bring herself to the edge again.  I sat back on the bed while she stood over me with the huge electric wand in hand.  She buzzed herself to another orgasm, fluid splashing on my face, on the towel we had positioned under her, and on the duvet.

I wanted a quick breather so grabbed our champagne glasses from the desk.  K took a mouthful of champagne then downed my cock again, the combination of the cool liquid and her warm mouth sending shivers down my spine.  Keeping the liquid in her mouth somehow she pumped her face back forth along my shaft before rising up to kiss me.  A spurt of warm fluid rushed into my mouth as the cock-sucking champagne flooded from Kristen's mouth into my own.

I now got Kristen to kneel in front of me and undulged some doggy anal, then at her suggestion, alternating between her pussy and ass before some oral straight from her arse.  This was so filthy, yet her demeanour made it feel so GFE.  "You ok with me spitting a bit?", I asked, "Sure", she said and offered her face and mouth.  I dribbled some spit down which she opened her mouth wide to gulp before we kissed deeply again, then I spat onto my cock, and wiped it across her face.  She smiled up at me and spat on my cock herself before gobbling it down again, this time managing cock *and* balls.  Fucking wow!

One of my hopes for the date was to get her arse to gape.  She positioned the dildo against the mirror using its suction cup and gently eased herself back onto it while she continued deepthroating my cock.  I reached around and ran my fingers around the rim of her arsehole which tightly gripped the thick dildo.  "More spit", she murmured, and I spat on my hand, dribbled it round her hole then eased two fingers in either side of the dildo.  Fuck this was wanton.  But all with a smile and good nature and that charming east London accent.

I could feel I was ready to pop so abandoned my gaping quest.  I unsheathed in readiness and positioned myself above her, Kristen looking sweetly up at me smiling.  I blasted my load across her face, one huge dollop ending in her (closed) eye, streaks across her cheeks and several in her wide open mouth.  Her face was covered in my spunk and her mouth puckered for a kiss, blowing bubbles of cum through her lips.  I bent down and kissed her, swapping my cum and then dribbling it back before DFKing with my spunk still in her mouth.  "Wipe it all up into my mouth... please?" she begged, and I was happy to oblige.

We sat and chatted and drank more of the champagne I'd opened earlier. "How did you get into naugh'iness?", she asked. I explained my slightly tortuous journey into depravity a decade or so ago, suspension of all activity four years ago, and complemented her that it was her reputation that'd brought me out of retirement.  Maybe she was bored with my conversation, or maybe just horny as all fuck, but as we continued to chat K dropped to knees and began to suck my cock again.  It took a while to bring me back to life but she was undeterred and once I relaxed watching this wanton slut work her magic up and down my shaft I was soon back to full attention.

Kirsten now scoured the room for a stool -- another fantasty she'd remembered from my pre-date msgs was to bang her from behind on a stool.  Sadly my hotel room was not equipped with the requisite furniture, but an armchair in the corner was a reasonable substitute.  K propped a knee up on each arm of the chair and I proceeded fuck both her pussy and arse.  Again while doing her from behind I reached around, and this time with my fingers stimulating her slit and sopping cunt I brought her to another squirting frenzy, spraying and dribbling clear liquid all over the leather armchair.

Such was my state of ecstasy and abandonment I don't even really recall how pop number two came about, but K gobbled it up and swallowed hungrily before we sat and chatted again for another 5-10 minutes, completely chilled.  She was in no hurry but eventually moved to the shower to make herself respectable.  Almost as an after-thought -- "Oh I nearly left wivou' i'", she picked up the large wad of notes for her that I'd set on the desk, and departed in her frumpy work clothes, some 30 min after the date was scheduled to end.  In her demure work clothes the outside world was none-the-wiser, but I lay back on the bed in something of a state of shock, barely able to comprehend the previous two hours.

Thanks Kristen!  Can't wait for my next trip to the UK for a repeat.

And anyone whose made it to the end of this review, congratulations!


88 review(s) found for MissKDD linked to in above post (88 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline The Beano

Excellent review Prof which reflects my experience of the superb Miss KDD. It makes me look forward even more to my next meeting.

Offline PLeisure


Both the review and range of activities covered.  :drinks:


+1 - Excellent 1st review - I hope we see a few more from you -

Hope to be seeing the girl very soon in a moresome session.


Thx for the feedback chaps.  Sadly my reviews will be few and far between, on once or twice yearly business trips to UK.  Fantastic to have resource here to help make my rare forays more likely to be memorable for the right reasons. Hope to contribute to forum occasionally though.


Online hendrix

Very well written review Prof,  an excellent example of what a MissKDD session can be like :hi:

Offline TreyWalker

And to think guys still won't book her cause of no photos!!!!


Online hendrix

And to think guys still won't book her cause of no photos!!!!


Well, each to their own. It just depends on how much faith you put in UKP reviews versus your own natural inclination to see who you're paying for. Though, I must say, the very first time I booked her, around three years ago, she had only a couple of very dark pics on her profile, but she bid on an rb of mine and her comms were so excellently pitched that I was sold. Best (and most painful to my wallet) punting decision I ever made :D

Offline Anadin

And to think guys still won't book her cause of no photos!!!!


That's the sensible decision, everyone else took a gamble. I would never book a woman without knowing what she looks like. it doesn't matter how good the reviews are if she turns out not to be attractive. Still if I ever find myself with a spare £220 quid and a hotel room I might take the chance but it's unlikely.

Offline TreyWalker

The way i see it is with reviews like hers, it's worth the gamble. And you can always walk away if you think she is unattractive.

Also, not one guy who risked it has come here and said she's unattractive. For me if there was something unattractive about her it would have been mentioned by now.

I do understand though that I have diverse taste in women and some guys look for certain looks in their bookings.

Offline anyfucker

The way i see it is with reviews like hers, it's worth the gamble. And you can always walk away if you think she is unattractive.

Also, not one guy who risked it has come here and said she's unattractive. For me if there was something unattractive about her it would have been mentioned by now.

I do understand though that I have diverse taste in women and some guys look for certain looks in their bookings.
When i was building my "to do 2015" list i looked at "best of 2014" lists and KDD appeared several times, checked and many positive reviews from serious punters so not much of a gamble. KDD was my first punt in 2015 and now i have completed my to do list it's time to return.

Offline Anadin

The way i see it is with reviews like hers, it's worth the gamble. And you can always walk away if you think she is unattractive.

Also, not one guy who risked it has come here and said she's unattractive. For me if there was something unattractive about her it would have been mentioned by now.

I do understand though that I have diverse taste in women and some guys look for certain looks in their bookings.

Yeah but It doesn't matter how many chaps claim a lady is attractive, the only opinion that matters is mine and as impressed as I am by the gushing reviews  I'd need to know if I fancy her, but you're correct I suppose I could book and walk if I don't find her attractive but I wouldn't be comfortable doing that so I just wouldn't book unless I'm prepared to be disappointed.

Online kazred

I think you need to take a chance - have had meets years back where the girl wasn't to my likes so paid for the hour and that was that - sometimes with no action involved......Took a gamble on KDD and it paid off (was long before I know about this site)....Having said that I booked Lindsey for an onight with no face pic just based on trusted reviews.....Now I wouldn't do that often but the option is always open to say no deal, pay the girl for an hr and call it quits IMO

Offline marty_mcfly

What Patek Philippe is to watches and what Ferrari is to automobiles is what Miss KDD is to punting. This says it all.
Banning reason: Unstable

I had the pleasure of spending a few hours with Kirsten recently. She's a demure and intelligent young woman, who arrived at my hotel straight from work. For once, the staff (who I'm pretty sure are aware of my hobby) didn't suspect I was having a drink with an escort; her public demeanour disguises her dirty nature.

Upstairs and a transformation takes place; demure professional to a girl who seems up for anything, all delivered with a smile. She seemed to enjoy the new toy I bought (no need to thank me), and I certainly enjoyed bending it into two of three available orifices, whilst jamming my cock down her throat. Interesting!


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