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Author Topic: Help Required for Grimethotpe area  (Read 658 times)

Offline Sar-Major

Hi Chaps,

Sar-Major here from up north, in north Northumberland,

Hope your all fit and well, I’m in need of some help and information.

Down in your area (Grimethorpe) beginning of May. So looking for a bit of dirty, naughty, fun, been on this site since Feb 15, been punting for some 40+ years, Yes I’m old n bold, but HEY, I can give some people a good old run for there money hehe. Looking for a recommendation or four, someone (Lady) who works mornings (In-calls), 30+ fit as f**k, does DFK, owo, loves lots of protein, CIM, and if she “Squirts” would be a bonus, Mmm. Somewhere in the 90 to 130 bracket. If you know anyone who might fit the bill, please let me know.

 :hi:   :hi:

Offline Sar-Major

Well I posted this a week ago and all these replies, I really don’t know where to start looking!!!!!……….

I did think you Yorkshire lads where a friendly, helpful lot, Haa I fekin got that WRONG didn’t I…………

Gone are the days of Colliery Rows, Ootside Netties, Knotted Hankies on ya Heed, and using Shank’s Pony as a mode of transport. We are rather civilised up north these days you know. Posh housing estates with detached houses, and/or semi’s, nice new motor cars to get around in.

So places like Barnsley, Sheffield and Leeds, etc. are only a short trip away, in my old banger.

Thanks for the invaluable help, hope I can repay you lads one day.

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Online NIK

To be fair you usually get a response if anyone has information. I guess in this case no one has. I know I certainly haven't. Sorry we can't be more helpful.

Not many punts around Leeds are that do CIM swallow and squirt and are below 30 :D

don't know about other areas...

As NIK said we've all seen this post but seems pointless to post stuff that won't help :D

Offline Sar-Major

NIK.+ justfornow Many thanks for the two replies,  :drinks: and I appreciate what your saying. Some times you cant get ALL the things you want in one basket, so you make the most of what you can get at the time.

However I find it very hard to believe, that being in the middle of 6 cities, Doncaster 14 miles, Wakefield 16 miles, Barnsley 7 miles, Sheffield 22 miles, Rotherham 11 miles, and Leeds 29 miles, away. NO ONE can come up with a reasonable punt, in the area or a one thats a short drive to one of the above cities.

BUT I've made contact with a lady on AW who fits a few things on my shopping list. So I'll leave it there and see what happens next week.



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