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Author Topic: Variable Soho Walk Up Prices, or Ripped Off?  (Read 547 times)


I'm relatively new to Soho walk-ups, having recently upgraded from my massage parlour interest.

I've now been six times, all to different flats. They all have price lists on the wall, and although the services can differ a little (e.g. some offer massage, toy show, uniforms whilst others do not), the price levels have seemed consistent, with £20 hand job and £20 oral usually starting the list. And the maid always gets £2.

But on Friday I went to one of the upper flats in Green Court, and my heart sunk a little as I arrived in a bedroom without a price list on the wall. The girl arrived, asked how long and I said 20 minutes, to which she replied £70! This is £5 more than I paid for 30 minute service in two other flats.

I paid and then she asked for £5 for the maid!

Question is, was I conned, or do the prices vary between flats? Both the maid and the girl asked if I'd been there before and I said no.

For what it's worth, she was the friendliest I've seen so far - no complaints about the service.

Offline JV547845

Sounds like very sharp pricing.  Was it lost in translation?

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