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Author Topic: HotxxAlexa - Coventry  (Read 1538 times)

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Offline saf1976


I had seen Alexa last year for a half hour meet which was ok.

I had been keeping an eye on the various massage threads in the WM punting section and while a lot took my eye they were mostly in Brum. There is a post in the WM section on Coventry massages and Velocity had mentioned Alexa.

It seams the standard massage with a hand job is £60 when looking across the WM. For an extra 10'er there was an option of sex with Alexa who charges £70 for an hour and she was based in Coventry, so a no brainer.

Alexa is based in a notorious flat in a street close to the centre that is well documented on here. It's notorious for all the right reasons as a lot of decent girls have been in this group over the last 5 years or so (Sweet Susan, Demi, plus others).

I was greeted at the door by Alexis in a very sexy outfit. It was a sexy military print with hold ups. Her figure was almost falling out of the dress.Alexa has an unconventional haircut but is very beautiful. I find her look very sexy rather than obvious.

I should point out she is Czech. If you come out in a rash or spots being near someone without a British passport then i'd strongly advise you stay away. Her English is very good and she oftens chats, more so afterwards.

Handed over the correct paperwork and was offered a drink and a shower.

On rentering the room Alexis was putting on some music. I think she is a closet rock fan from my visits but this did not put me off. Once she has it set up she comes over and starts kissing me. It is mostly lips with some tonges. If you are looking to shove your tongue down a girls throat and whirl it around like there is no tomorrow, she's maybe not the one for you.

Whilst kissing her, her hands wonder everywhere. I start to replicate and whilst I am enjoying this as is, within seconds of handling her arse I know this a going to be a great hour.

Within 5 minutes she is naked and asks me what kind of service I am looking for. As mentioned above I was mainly looking for a decent massage rather than a real punt so I replied thats what I told her and added 'but with sex at the end'.

I lay face down and receive the best massage ever with oil. She knows what to do with her hands, her fists and her body. She knows how to apply the right pressures to the right areas. She rubs her breasts all over my arse and up and down my back. She also rubs her pussy over my thighs and arse. All I can feel is this slight sensation that is her bush followed by her pussy lips.

By the time I turn over I am so relaxed apart from my wee man, but I wasn't anticipating how sexy she would look covered in oil. Whilst she has fake breasts, you'd not realise as they tend to look in proportion to the rest of her.

She leans her body over mine and starts to give me a handjob whilst rubbing the tip over her breasts. She bends down to suck but pulls away to lightly blow on the tip. This feels so good.

Unfortunately she offers oral with only, as specified on her profile. She is very skilled at this and knows how to tease.

Sex was with Alexa on top but that's just as well as she has amazing skills. Her body looks and feels amazing covered in oil. She goes in for a lot of eye contact which I enjoyed.

The thing about the sex is that she knows how to bring you close then drop the pace, before ramping it up again. This happens about 3 or 4 times before she decides she's had enough and is going all out to bring you off.

Once climaxed she lays next to me has a chat and gives gentle kisses. By this point I am absolutely f#####, literally. The massage has my body so relaxed and the fact I have just climaxed in such a furious way, i'm done.

I get washed in the shower, kiss goodbye, get back to my car and I could fall asleep there.

I have seen her again in the last week. There was a different order of services but the same result. You could cum twice in an hour with her if that was what you was looking for, but I had no chance personally as it was too furious a cum that it took me a while to recover.

5 review(s) found for HotxxAlexa linked to in above post (4 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Alexa is one in a million imho. Fantastic body, breasts, service and attitude. Love her music too!

Offline velocity


I am very happy that you loved the massage of the Queen Hotxxalexa, I am sure there is no one like her, unfortunately I was away for holiday to America, and came back only yesterday when I realized she has left.

cannot wait to see her when she comes back
Banning reason: STD allegations

Offline ScouserRod

Showing as "Available Today" -just looked !!

Offline saf1976

Yep, last day on Saturday I believe.

For £70 an hour, she can't be beaten in Coventry.

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