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Author Topic: Viva Street  (Read 536 times)

Offline NIK

having all but given up on AW I have been checking other advertising areas for indies. Came across this possibly fit one on Viva Street. Any thoughts?

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Alarm bells ringing for me...

The URL says "hot jade" but that name isn't mentioned in the article at all.

The girls name is Katia but it was posted by someone called Angell.

Stinks of pimp/group, certainly not an indie working for herself.

Just my tuppence worth, but I'd avoid. I've not found too much wrong with AW if you follow the reviews and advice on here and avoid the obvious scams (unless you've worked your way through all the decent one of course in which case, good on you!)

Another profile for her on your favourite site, Nik...  ;)


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I know it's not much help but i'm sure i've seen those photos.

There was a thread here about a girl and someone pointed out here that tats were photo shopped out. She has got an aw profile somewhere or these photos are stolen.

1 review(s) found for .Katia. linked to in above post (0 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline NIK

Yes I expected it was a group. And now I think of it I've seen the AW profile. Obviously if you book you may get to see her, or it might be someone else.  :dash:

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