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Author Topic: Daisy may sheff  (Read 760 times)


Has anyone got any info on Daisy?
https://www.adultwork.com/2713529 or https://www.adultwork.com/Daisy+May+Sheff -

looking to meet up with her on Friday/ saturday

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I have booked her in the past she was at a Travellodge in Sheff. I was driving back from a meeting down south arranged everything with her got to the hotel went into the room she was drunk then she said I had asked for a longer time so it would be extra money. I said I hadn't got any more cash on me, she then started crying saying she would have to speak to her boyfriend because she had told him she was going to get more money from me and he would be angry!

She then said that her boyfriend had cancer luckily I hadn't handed any money over so I picked up my jacket and left sharpish!

Offline NEGaz

I would have done the same mate.

Everything was fine beforehand texting me answering questions even been flirty but when I got in the room it wasn't the best experience especially having been driving about 3-4 hours.

It might've been a one off but that was my experience.

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