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Author Topic: Gorgeous Jassmine  (Read 954 times)

12 review(s) for Lorennaa xxx (4 positive, 3 neutral, 5 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

https://www.adultwork.com/2892961 or https://www.adultwork.com/Gorgeous+jassmine

Respectable comms, really fast replies to all of my texts.

Booked for 5:30pm with only two hours notice, which I had to change to 5:45pm as I was running late, luckily she was fine about this.

The venue, being a hotel in a central location was easy to get to, but very indiscreet and open. Albeit I passed through the busy foyer completely unnoticed, using the elevator adjacent to the reception desk to get to Jassmine's floor.

My initial reaction was that Jassmine was very attractive, not as lively as I'd hoped, nor as presentable as her pictures, but it was unmistakeably her, slim with large enhanced breasts and plump lips. She wore only a pair of panties and an animal print tube top which really accentuated her great tits. Jassmine was very personable, humorous and sweet, but her limited English proved to be a frustrating boundary at times. That being said, I relaxed immediately in her company, a mood which remained constant throughout. :thumbsup:

Her room was nice and modern, but messy and uncomfortably warm. I had a shower prior to our encounter after handing over the £50 for half and hour fee.

We didn’t go through much of any paperwork, she didn’t ask me what I was expecting or more interested in. Insted she asked that I simply lay on the bed. Stripping back my towel, she gave me some pretty decent OWO, with lots of eye contact and variation. Shortly after starting however, she began coughing around and onto my junk, which really did put me off the whole encounter. :timeout:

I kissed her body and played with her pert tits to focus my efforts again. She mentioned that they were new, so I was not to be too rough. She obliged me after asking to kiss her aswell, although I could tell she wasn’t interested in doing too much of that either. :dash:

She asked me if I wanted to fuck her, then suited and lubed my cock. She clambered on top and kept distance between our bodies. Her pussy was fairly tight, and her body was now more noticeably slim, very petite and firm. I felt as though there was no attempt to make our encounter seemingly intimate at all. It infact induced flashbacks whilst on my journey home of losing my virginity, disjointed and lacking any passion or connection. :thumbsdown:

As an unusual bonus, she gave me a half eaten box of Celebrations chocolates in return for a positive review on AW, and demanded I reveal my user name. :unknown:

Standard suck and fuck at that price, certainly nowhere near the realms of GFE. That being said, she at least didn't rush me, seemed genuinely nice and after reading some other reviews of this Romanian entourage, would say I got off lightly.

Take care. :drinks:

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12 review(s) found for Lorennaa xxx linked to in above post (4 positive, 3 neutral, 5 negative)

Offline spkmstr48

Amazing likes list, same girl?

How tall id she by the way?
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

Yeah absolutely! And she was quite tall I guess, around 5.8?

Offline spkmstr48

Yeah absolutely! And she was quite tall I guess, around 5.8?

No good then, I like em titchy.
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

I have just seen her today, thought she was great!

Offline Roth

I have just seen her today, thought she was great!

Gonna put up a review, Mate?  :thumbsup:

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