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Offline davidgood

I picked up on Bella due to reviews earlier in the year. While they were mixed, one negative from someone now banned, I liked the look of her and service seemed reasonably priced, but her size limit worried me a bit. However I decided to give her a try this week.

Although she would not give me a post code on the first enquiry call she assured me she was only few minutes from Baker Street station. Once I made a firm booking coms were very good and I had no problems getting to her flat on time.

On arrival I was a bit concerned that she was in what I think was a pink track suit but she assured me that was just to open the door in.

I was given a fresh fluffy towel and went off to the clean bathroom to freshen up.

When I returned Bella was in her undies with stockings as requested so I was happy. I was offered a massage on her massage table, but declined as that is not my thing.

Once in the bedroom, Bella got me to lie down and went to work on me with her mouth. Not DT but a nice sloppy BJ which nearly took me off  so I asked to be covered up and then had a quick session of mish,

After a short break there was more BJ with a lot of spit and I gave her some tonguing. Then it was on to the main event as Bella had agreed to let me try anal even though I am just at her size limit and I am a bit on the thick side.

I managed to get into her tight bum, but I could see she was uncomfortable and she asked me to withdraw. I was a bit disappointed, but she applied more lube bent over again and allowed to slip in again for a good long session. I could not quite manage to cum so gave up after a while.

Rather than send me on my way, Bella went to work on me again and after a while she extracted another little drop from me with her hands, so I was well satisfied and pleased I had followed my own instincts to give her a try.

As usual I like to give some words of warning. Firstly she is Hungarian, but been here a few years so spoken English is OK. Secondly she uses wet wipes and I know some of you do not like them. Me, I do not mind as I am happy to be given a quick wipe before a long session of sucking and licking.

If these things do not frighten you then here is the link;-

https://www.adultwork.com/1820162 or https://www.adultwork.com/Bella+xox



11 review(s) found for Bella xox linked to in above post (3 positive, 5 neutral, 3 negative)

Offline brolin_76

how accurate are her pictures?. I mean recent?


Offline davidgood

how accurate are her pictures?. I mean recent?

Hi Brolin,

She has changed her pics since I met her last week, I liked the ones where she was wearing glasses.

I have gone through them and while some will be from a year or two ago, the ones with her friend and on the bed must be recent as I recognise the bed and massage table, which she has just bought. Although they could be elsewhere, it  looks as if these photos were taken in her current flat.



why do girls do that sort of thing to their eyebrows?!

why do girls do that sort of thing to their eyebrows?!

It's the latest fashion. WGs follow celebrities in fashion department.  :hi:

Offline closeshave

I've  seen Bella twice just over a month ago.  Excellent owo with copious  amounts of spit.

Photos are accurate.  She is now doing 4 hand massage with a new girl from Finchley

Really enjoyed my time with her.  She really moves her body when she comes.

It's the latest fashion. WGs follow celebrities in fashion department.

Funny I thought it was the other way round

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