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Author Topic: Sienna Marie  (Read 1153 times)

9 review(s) for Sienna Marie (6 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

I should have done this report sooner, I met with the lovely Sienna the end of February, sorry guys  :hi:
I just looked, and I'm surprised there's only one report been done on https://www.adultwork.com/ViewProfile.asp?UserID=1560417
Comms were excellent, I made the booking through AW received one phone call and everything was sorted, I booked a few days in advance and the morning of the meet her postcode was txt to me.
She is in the bay, close to St David's Hotel (next apartment block to Savvana Grace)
Parking was easy, with loads of spaces, but did cast £4.00 so make sure you have change with you.
Booking was for 1 hour and cost £200
I rang to say I had arrived, phone was answered immediate and I was givern the apartment name and number, all very easy, no problems whatsoever.
Apartment was very clean and very nice, with a view over the bay from her bedroom, I took a shower, again bathroom and towels were all very clean.
Her photos and discription are spot on so too is her age, tits are false, but very nice, I don't know of a better body.
Everything on her likes list was available, the only extra offered was anal for £20, which I declined.
DFK was very passionate and everything flowed effortlessly chit chat was just the right amount too
Her pussy was neatly shaven and tasted lovely, oh I do love a good long 69 :drinks:
A number of various positions were eagerly tried, which ended with me shooting in her mouth, she didn't swallow, but that was fine.
She didn't seem to clock watch and it was nice not to have mobile phones on view, going off all the time, as is the case with some girls :(
All in all it was an excellent punt, the extra money is well worth spending now and again, it is reflected in the quality of the whole package.
I will be returning, I was contemplating an overnight, but can't get my head round the cost :diablo:

9 review(s) found for Sienna Marie linked to in above post (6 positive, 1 neutral, 2 negative)

For £200 I would expect anal included!

Plus I'd bet the comms would be good for 200 squid an hr, something tells me she would be more eager than you to show up, glad you had a great time  :hi:

Offline Loveit

Glad you had a great time Slippery. Her photos don't give much away but she claims to be beautiful in her profile description. Do you agree? Are her enhanced breasts so obvious to make them like plastic appendages or more natural?

Yeah she did have a lot more photos on her page than now, don't know why she's taken them down  :(
Her boobs are really good, not way over the top, just perfect :cool:

Offline SirFrank

I met her pre tit job when she was charging a sensible hourly rate. She's very pretty, has an amazing body and an ass like a peach. I won't labour the point because I've said it before but I won't pay 200 notes - not even for Carol Decker off of T'Pau!
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I do have a picture of those magnificent boobs but, not sure it would be correct to post :(
Not even sure how to put pictures up :cool:

Offline jtfm

Last time I seen her she was looking to get them done again.
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