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Author Topic: Any girls doing offers  (Read 686 times)

Offline xxxx

I've seen sometimes girls doing offers - but they are hard to spot because it is just in the profile text just for a few days. But has anyone spotted any ladies doing offers - like £20 half hour bookings. Seen one last week have half hour bookings for £35 - but you can't search on prices - you can get her profile up but searching for £80 an hour. But if anyone sees anyone else doing offers.
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Online cueball

Aye, we're tight buggers up here

Seeing discounted girls doesn't always pay off as the service you get may be reduced like having no owo ect or they just want to get you out the door quicker

Offline xxxx

Not posting to plug the site but I just found a London site where all escorts are £50 outcall & one is hot (Antonia yummy! - I'll have her when I'm down London) But wish there was a Leeds like site. site no1londonescorts
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