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Author Topic: Brazilian Mel rate drop  (Read 1195 times)

Offline mrhappypants

It looks like Brazian Mel has dropped her rates back down to £150.  I feel a booking is required to celebrate!!

Dave :yahoo:

Her business must of dried up and now she has seen sense

Offline BeesKnees

The other forum darlings have been snatching her business! Though saying that, the very same forum darlings have upped their prices too

Forum darling price fight! I wonder who will retain their price the longest before lowering them again. Punters pitting wg's against each other. It's a horrible business isn't it!

Offline jsparky

I met her before the price hike, she kept talking about the new place and new price; I couldn't bring myself to tell her its a bad move, she will not make that kind of money from AW. She should have increase her price gradually not a steep jump from 150 to 200.

Offline west8

The most interesting thing is not the rate at either £150 or £200.

Rather, it's the fact that the £500/hr work clearly isn't rolling in as punters wise up to the fact that they can meet fit, independent girls through AW without paying some fucking Sergei's commission via an agency.

Now that's punter power. :drinks:

Offline shagbambi

Maybe the agency commission is 50%?

This would bring Mel's return to 250 an hour, but with less demand (fewer earning hours).  150 - 200 makes more commercial sense then, with more control of her time, instead of being on standbye for an agency.

Offline 306

but also if you have plenty of work from  regs at old price
 and not fussed for more why not price yourself  at £500 a hour
theres 1 born every minute ?
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