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Author Topic: Stacey Bristol  (Read 1333 times)

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Stacey works out of Diamonds Massage Parlour in Bath Road. I posted a review a few months ago about a girl called Pippa who worked here. However, she then got pregnant and retired.
The telephone number is 0117 977 4659. The place as (or had) a half-baked website which offered no information at all apart from the phone no. and address. (Even that is better than the Bristol average: the local parlours seem to be the most IT illiterate in the UK.) So I have not posted a link.
I described the place in some detail in my last review, and rather than repeat it all, I will just say it tends to have a slow staff turnover, and older than average girls. The average standard of service is pretty good, so the place is particularly useful for a "spur of he moment" punt.
It is usually easy to park outside, or nearby. But don't park between 4.30 and 6.30, or your Mercedes will have been towed away by the time you get out. Use the car park of the nearby Sainsburys instead. Don't try parking down the side streets. There is nowhere to turn.
 Diamonds is in a parade of shops, but there is little pedestrian traffic, and even less on the opposite side of the road, which fronts Arnos Vale Cemetery, just to cheer you for your punt.
 Anyway, on to Stacey. She is in her 40's, I reckon,  but has a very good figure, with pleasing breasts, and decent legs. She has obviously had a child (or two) but her body has emerged pretty unscathed.
She is not an extrovert, but has a pleasant personality, and provides her services willingly and cheerfully.
I have only ever had her "bog standard" £60 for 30 mins. service, but I think she offers OWO for an extra £20. What other services she offer I cannot say, apart from the fact I am pretty sure anal is not on her menu. I can't see her offering domination either: she hasn't got what I would regard a the right personality for that sort of thing. (I could be wrong: dom. is not my scene.)
She is what I would regard regard as a good, reliable punt. Not a superstar of the sort to give you a hard-on the moment she starts removing her clothes. But I don't think you'll find her a disappointment, either.
I gather she works every other Sunday (whatever that means), on Thursday evening and all day on either Tuesday or Wednesday, depending. And I don't know what that means either. Basically, it means that if you take pot luck yo have about a one in three chance of finding she is on. But they are on the phone, if you won't accept a substitute.
Very definitely worth a try: and the extra £20 for OWO might be worth it too. I must try it myself some day!

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