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Author Topic: new con perhaps ?  (Read 829 times)

Offline pdq

some visiting EE in a serviced apartments on regent street off west street

normal aw profiles of do all but dont in reality -( sergi getting creative )

so she started oral covered and about 10 or so mins in gets up leaves the room and another girl comes in better command of english says first girl is scared and gives me £20 of the £60 i gave her back saying 15 mins £40 you go now

neither girl wanted to do anything - polite but effectively saying leave now  - no threats

I cant understand what i may have done to "scare" the wg.

Never happened before but i came away  bemused thinking at least i got £20 quid back but the more i think about it have the more i feel  i have been scammed

anyone have any views

https://www.adultwork.com/2309014 is who i went to see
https://www.adultwork.com/2744423 did all the talking

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Offline Ralph

Put it down to bad experience and be glad you walked away ok i'd say.  Look a bit dodgy them profiles to be honest

Offline bod666

The girl you saw had hidden feedback - big warning sign - that and she's romanian would have made me steer well clear. Great looking tits though ;)

Offline xxxx

I've added them both to black list so they'll not show up in my search
Banning reason: Trolling

Offline demonic

With the greatest respect .... Both the girls offer Bareback ???

I'm not sure if I am in the minority here however that waves a big red flag to me and I would always avoid ... no matter how hot they are ..

I think you may need to firm up the search criteria before taking the punt ..

Hopefully it was only £20 you came back out with ....

Offline pdq

I understand what you say about the profile "likes" but the reality is lots tick all but provide a limited service
ignore the txt responses if you cant speak on the phone  and be prepared to walk out if you dont like the answers when your talking with the wg.

Pretty sure i came way with nothing all i got was a short covered bj

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