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Author Topic: Duo's  (Read 767 times)

Offline ruggedscot

Have enjoyed some duo experiences and some worthy of note - in the old wank bank for revisits....

Visited one duo where they were friends - from university in Newcastle. both were 22 one was dark haired and the other blonde. both good looking girls and both very into the session. no fakery just great fun. 4 hours that was and best £400 I spent. The brunette fingered and licked out her friend as her friend sucked on me. my fingers deep in her pussy. Then oral where the two girls took turns to blow me. tongues and hands all over my cock - licking and teasing me and generally keeping me on the boil. we had sex in various positions and lots of images remembered I can tell you. had three really good orgasms. first one pretty explosive indeed ha ha.

Had a girl/boy combo wasn't sure if it was a scam or not at first - girl said that her partner could join in for free. I worried that id be robbed or beaten up lol. this was in Leeds - about six years ago. Anyways I was in a hotel and we met in the bar first. happy smiling girl in her twenties - busty slim and blonde. both were gym bunnies and we had a drink then retired to my room. Both undressed pretty quick and then we had a couple of hours of fooling around. Im hetro so I watched and interacted with the girl. the guy was fit and well endowed so it was fun watching her blow him while she was sat on me. we even did double penetration but it was awkward he was in her ass and I was in her pussy. different and something to try marked off the list. The session included a double facial and that was good - face dripping with cum and all smiles.

Kinkiest  session was down near Ashford saw an ad for a massage and I called to enquire about the four hands experience - the girl said that she and her mother give massages when the are available so I booked a session and went along. nice house nice area and actually this was a proper massage and had never had a four hands before. the sensual massage radar was off. anyways pucker set up mother a therapist and daughter was doing her training etc. I was shown into the room and filled in the questionnaire. Was told to undress and get onto the plinth. So did so and then the mother started. she called in her daughter who was about 22 and both massaged me. legs bum back and arms. A very nice experience indeed.Id only seen the daughters legs and felt her hands on me. I was nude under the towel and when I had my legs done I felt the odd brush against my sack - nothing deliberate, but still nice.
Asked to turn around so I did towel used to cover me. and I lay on my back and saw the daughter for the first time. Damn what a hottie she was. little white tunic straining to keep her ample bosom encased. I found the mix of the massage on my legs and feet starting to have an effect on me. I must have been obvious as the mother just said to relax and not to worry - a natural reaction. so I chilled out and the massage progressed. An hour and a half I was done. So dressed and paid up. I apologised for the erection and the just said don't worry and the daughter just laughed. seen plenty they said. it happens.
Anyways that first massage and two others were the same nothing sensual but for four hands it was a bargain and of course two good looking ladies a bonus.
Anyways I got a text one afternoon offering a sensual 4 hand massage. I just about chocked - this was early on in my massage experiances and I couldn't get the thought out of my head. These two ladies offering a sensual massage. I text back for a price and further details. Anyways there was a delay in reply and I worried that I had misunderstood the text. But later I got a reply and it said that they were offering to a few guys a sensual massage for a little extra. I said that Id be interested and a booking was taken.
I turned up at the house and was shown in and both seemed a little shy at first. I said that Id like this very much and was looking forward to it. Was shown the massage room and told to undress and get on the plinth. I did and then the two ladies came in and massaged me back first and then after what seemed like an age I was asked to turn round. The towel was removed. and the massage started on my front. A little oil was placed on my cock and both sets of hands started working on me. I can honestly say that for a first four hander sensual it was out of this world. They chatted to me and we discussed loads of things I asked if they found it weird doing this as mother and daughter and they just laughed, little weird but you know money is tight well they both enjoy a little fun with the guys - seen the effect that they have had on guys and thought why not a little extra cash isn't to be sniffed at. They really did know what to do and they kept me on the edge for quite some time.

All in all a very sexy time and a great release was had.

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